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Suckage affecting brain
2005-02-10 - 8:55 a.m.

This has been the week of pure suckage. I had confrontation, I hate being cornered, I hate being bullied and I hate the fact (sometimes) that I'm too old to just pop someone in the mouth. It's been a bad hair week, a cry-like-a-baby week, a you-are-this-close-to-a-whoopin-mister week, and just too much crap in too many directions. I have had 3 board meetings in 3 days and that has just been oodles of fun. I'm still working on smoothing things out but when you have alot of personalities jamming together it can get ugly. In their defense, yesterdays meeting was a big improvement and I felt like I was being listened to for once.

Funny thing about language differences, I said to one person, "I feel like such a tool." And she replied with "Oh yes, like a hammer and people pound you."
"No I meant.....um...yea...a hammer. heh." She obviously never watched The Simpsons or South Park.

The Mardi Gras party at the marine house sucked too. It was like a big frat party with all these college girls and all they played was hip hop and techno. I don't mind college girls but them PLUS sucky music?? No thank you. I just feel that if you advertise to a certain crowd then at least play 1 of their song requests. So all us old farts left.

So anyway, it's been a rough week. I am going on vacation for a week as of Sunday. We are going skiing in Garmisch, Germany. Well the kids will be in ski class and I will be hanging out at the pool. I plan on a horse and carriage ride and a trip to the spa. I'm in much need of it. Funny thing about here, people need to get away from here for awhile to feel better. Like anywhere but here. And it's our own community that we need a break from. Of course most of the people I know here will be heading to the same resort for ski week as us. Blah, blah, blah, here I go. A vacation is definatly in order. And only 4 more months till I go back to Cali. and 6 more till Africa. I'm thinking warmer thoughts.

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