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Sometimes it sucks to be the king
2005-02-03 - 2:29 p.m.

It is so frustrating to be put in charge of something and expected to run in when everyone under you seems to regard you as a dimwit. Nobody wants to listen to anything you say and then complains that you donít take charge. Iím in that situation and it is making me physically ill. I am the youngest one in the group at 33 and wonder if my age has something to do with it? Or the fact that I donít tend to rush what doesnít need to be. Or that I try to handle things the easiest way possible and donít choose to be pushy to get what I want. I donít speak as well as Iíd like. Because of my Tourettes, I tend to twitch more when Iím nervous and years of speech therapy never cured my stuttering. That too, gets worse when I get nervous. My youngest daughter seems to have gained that trait from me too. She stutters quite a bit. Now I know how my mom felt. So yea, Iím a stuttering twitcher that tends to simplify things. This should have no bearing on my intelligence or decision making capabilities. Unfortunately, it apparently might. Meh.

I really hate pushy people. Well, when they are pushing me. I donít jump just because someone shouts at me to jump. Iím not going to start that anytime soon, either. Iím just saying. Some people have a lot of nervous energy and tend to complicate things. What are ya going to do? Did I mention I whine a lot? That explains my love for cheese I suppose.

Something else has been bothering me lately. My dog has had terrible gas for about three days now. He is all of 15 pounds but can emit the most noxious fumes Iíve ever smelt. He always seems to be under my feet when he does it too. Yea, this is a real problem. Do they make bean-o for dogs?

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