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2005-02-02 - 10:43 a.m.

First off, I want to say to all the new people who have stopped by, welcome, and I am so glad you visited. I also want to thank those of you who commented to me. I appreciate a little feedback every now and then. Also, if you came because of my banner, yes that is my little girl when she was 3. That day nobody came out to play with her and that came out beautifully in the picture I took. Itís one of my favorites. I feel that way sometimes too.

So anywho, I was looking in the mirror this morning at thinking about my loss of 6 pounds. Do these jeans look better on my butt? Oh yea baby check me out. Yes Iím still a size 16 but still. Iím working on pumping myself up. Ok so I was telling the spouse of mine about how heíd better watch out when I lose all this weight. He pointed to the basement and said heíd have to lock me in. I being the wonderful kind of person that I am saw an opportunity to corner him and took it. I donít know why I take such pleasure in it. So I said something along the lines of, ďoh so because Iím fat you donít have to hide me now? You donít think anyone is going to want me now huh?Ē and he said, ďNo, you still get them with your personalityĒ

Yes my friends he said it. I have a great personality. Ugh. That is the kiss of death. You know when a guy says she has a great personality it means she is either fat or ugly. He meant to say so much more Iím sure, but couldnít get the words out due to the fact that he was choking on his foot.

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