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Weightloss and poultry
2005-02-01 - 11:02 a.m.

Remember when I talked about the pedometer and baby steps? I decided to start small with the goal of 5 pounds a month. Well I am happy to say that I stepped on the scale this morning and reached my goal plus 1. Yes, I dropped 6 pounds in January. Seems small but if you picture those 6 pounds in the form of poultry well I just lost a very large chicken or a very small turkey your choice. I hope that as long as I keep my goals small then I will reach the ultimate goal by the time I get to Africa. Since it is so hot there I would be wearing shorts and bathing suits a lot. The present sight of me in summer clothes might cause blindness to some. Anyway, I am pleased and will keep trudging on. Iím telling you wearing a pedometer and tracking my steps has really made a difference. Baby steps for me, a small turkey for mankind.

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