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2005-01-27 - 9:42 a.m.

A woman saw the incident and came to her asking if she was ok.

“I saw the whole thing. Who was that man?”

“My husband.”

The woman took her to a church for some possible help but when that didn’t help she took her back to her car. She drove back to the hotel where her dad was and told him that they would not be able to leave yet and that he managed to grab one of the children. They went to the police station for help. There wasn’t much they could do. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. The man was the biological father. She pleaded with them to find them. She told them how he was in no shape to be taking care of her and that he was on drugs. They agreed to look.

In the meantime her and her father and the baby went to a different hotel and waited for word from the police. She paced a deep path in the floor and smoked about a pack of cigarettes. When the police knocked on the door she was hopeful. Unfortunately they didn’t have the child. They said they found them but since the dad seemed ok and the child didn’t appear to be in danger all they could do is ask for the child and he said no. They also informed her that he had obtained a lawyer that same day and was seeking full custody of the one child. She was devastated. All she wanted to do was escape. She wanted to find him and snatch the child back but the officer warned it would be “shooting herself in the foot”.

That afternoon her and her father sought out a lawyer as well. What else could she do? She was so hurt by his actions (filing for divorce and full custody of one child) in just one day. She knew he was following advice from a local drug addict who had wanted him for herself. This was even more infuriating but again, there wasn’t much she could do. Her heart continued to break but now she was going to stress over the safety and welfare of her child as well. One of the hardest things for a mother is to feel their child is in danger and have no way to protect them. She felt helpless.

The next day she took her father and infant to the airport. The baby took his first real steps in the airport. She cried as she told her dad to take the baby. She had no place to go and know idea what to do next. Her dad gave her some money and hugged her and wished her luck. He boarded the plane with the baby and they were off. At least the baby would be ok.

She drove the hour and a half trip back to the town she was supposed to be leaving at this point. It snowed the whole way. She smoked one cigarette after another as she thought about what to do next. There weren’t many options and she didn’t have much money. It would be a month before she went to court.

When she got to town she had a friend who lived on the outskirts in an apt. complex. She drove in but her friend wasn’t home. When she pulled out the snow and ice on the ground caused the car to skid and nearly land in a ditch. She turned it off and decided to walk/hitchhike across town. She figured when the snow melted she could come back for her car. After walking about a half mile in the snow a young girl pulled up and offered her a ride. She rode quietly across town. She hadn’t showered in a couple of days and only had the clothes on her back. She smelled bad and felt self conscious but was grateful for the ride.

She went to the house of the only other friend she had in that town and asked if she could hide out there. Her friend lived alone and agreed. The snow melted some and later they went back for her car. When they got there it was gone. When she called tow companies and the police she discovered that her soon to be ex got there first and got her car. The losses just kept on coming. All she could think of was her child and was that child ok?

Within a day he started calling the friends house. She told him that his wife was not there and that she hadn’t seen her. And then the stalking began.

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