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2005-01-26 - 12:29 p.m.

When he came in that night he was highly agitated. She nervously watched him wondering what to expect next. The kids were in bed and hopefully they wouldn’t wake up. He started going on about her hiding men outside the house in trees. He accused her of having men come and hide drugs in the bathroom for her. He was extremely paranoid at this point and there was no convincing him of anything else. He made her strip so he could check her body for drugs. He had a look in his eye that for once in all her years with him truly frightened her. They used to fight be she always knew he’d never hurt her. At that moment the look in his eyes told her he might just more than hurt her. She went to bed to escape him.

He stayed up all night long. This was probably the 4th or 5th night in a row he’d been awake. He tore up the house literally. There were records and papers and clothes strewn everywhere. The paneling was ripped off the wall and the back was ripped off the couch. Clothing was removed from porcelain dolls. It looked as If a tornado had hit. When she walked into the room she couldn’t contain her shock.
“What have you done?”

He looked horrible. His lips were chapped, he had dark circles under his eyes, and his curly hair just looked wild. He still had that look in his eyes that was beginning to terrify her. He approached her with some odd pieces of candy wrappers and cellophane.

“What the hell is this?” he growled.
“What? I.. I.. Don’t know…trash?”
“Bitch, you better explain this before I fuck you up!”

The drugs were taking over him and she was past saving him. Now she had to save herself. She ran in the kid’s room and grabbed the baby out of bed and her toddler and raced out the door. This was it. She had to go. He was no longer well. She didn’t think she could risk staying there until he got well. No telling the damage that could be done. And what about the babies? She had to protect them so she ran.

This was his town, his state and his home. She had no one here. She called her parents and begged them to come and get her. This time was it. This time she wouldn’t run back. This time it was over. And she meant it. She loved him but felt that all the love in the world wasn’t going to fix this mess anytime soon. He had a lot of demons to fight and was going to have to do it on his own. When she returned to gather a few things he greeted her with a smack across the face. He knew she was leaving and something in him sensed this time was for good also.

It was February and there was snow on the ground. She hated February. She stayed the night but told him she would be picking up her Dad at the airport the next day. The next day she headed off and got him with the intent to just drive the long way back to her hometown. She got her Dad and brought him to a hotel for the night. She went back home to stay one last night and get her belongings. She tried to sleep on the couch that night. He stayed on the floor beside her and begged her not to go. He cried and wailed and pleaded for hours. As the tears constantly flowed down her face she quietly told him no. He needed help. He promised if she stayed he would get help. Everything would be ok. She wanted to believe him. If she hadn’t heard it so many times before, she might have. She was just too exhausted to fight. Still he cried through the night and her heart broke.

The next morning she went to get her dad. She had the kids with her but he followed her. He looked angry again. She saw a cop and waved him down in hopes of getting him to stop following. It made her nervous. When she got back in the car again he was right behind her. Her gut told her something was wrong. She pulled into the parking lot of the police station. He got out and she did too. He told her all he wanted to do was buy a present for his kids to remember him by since she planned to take them out of state. He told her it was the least she could do for him. Her guilt led her to agree even though her gut told her it was a bad idea. She drove to the discount store and he followed her. They got out and went inside. He put the toddler in the cart and she held the baby. He got a toy for each child and she started to relax just a bit as he paid for the toys. He insisted on pushing the cart out of the store.

He asked her if she wanted lunch. She said no, her dad was waiting. He asked her if she was sure she had to go. She said yes, it was best for them at the time. That’s when he turned and looked at her with the fiercest look she had seen yet and said,
“That’s because you are a cold hearted bitch”.

Terror hit as he quickly pushed the cart out of the store and grabbed the toddler. He meant to run with the child. She ran and grabbed his arm and screamed, “Wait! Stop!” but he grabbed her thumb and bent it to try to break it. She had the baby in her other arm and feared dropping him. He threw the toddler in the car and hopped in locking the door. She pound on the glass, “Don’t take my baby, Please, Pleeease don’t take my baby.” But he just looked at her and sped away.

He hadn’t slept in almost a week and had snorted enough speed to kill an elephant and he was driving away with their baby.

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