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2005-01-10 - 2:34 p.m.

While I was walking the dog today I was thinking about this and that. Mostly about how I hope one day all this effort will pay off. Since I became overweight Iíve often wondered how I let myself get to this place. Didnít take long to get here but the road back seems to be long and hard. This is going to be my year I think. Well, it may not be but the moment that I donít think so is the moment I give up on myself and resolve to stay this way. Yea, this will be my year.

I donít know if I mentioned it before but in December while I was at one of the Ambassadors Christmas party a young marine I knew approached me to talk. This guy is barely 21 if that. He is all of 5í5 or 5í6 and has a cherub-looking face that makes him appear to be all of 12. Anyway, he came up and told me, ďI just wanted to tell you that you look stunning this evening.Ē Well, be still my heart, the sweetie. That one comment has kept me going for the past month. He may have just been tying to be polite but I donít think so. He went out of his way to tell me. Do you know how long itís been since a man (other than my husband) has complimented me like that? And he used the word stunning. His timing was perfect because I had been going through a low and insecure spot around then. It was a lift long over due.

One thing that I need to say, even if he wasnít sincere I wouldíve taken it. I know sincerity is always best but I would rather have the occasional insincere compliment then nothing at all. I know my husband tells me all the time but when youíve been married for so long itís just different. When someone outside the home says it well, itís EXTRA. Sometimes a girl just needs to hear it to believe it.

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