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In with the good, out with the bad and a song for your pleasure
2005-01-09 - 11:30 a.m.

I have a whole mess of thoughts to write but nothing really worth saying. I just always feel like whenever I write an entry to vet that I should hurry up and write something on a positive note to make up for it. Donít ask me why. I guess Iím just weird like that. You know deep breaths in with the positive and exhale the negative. So ok, here goes todayís entry of random mutterings.

I am ever so giddy today because it is Sunday, Jan. 9th. Do you realize what that means?? It means that tomorrow the kids all go back to school! That is cause for celebration and oh do I ever plan to. The part came in for our truck last Wed. and my darling non-mechanic husband fixed it all by himself, without any help from anyone. He got dirty even! Yea, those of you who know him know just how major this is. And then, and theeeen he put in the new car stereo so that we could play cds again. Oh but it gets better. See about 4-5 year ago when he worked at a software company weíll call The Tritanic he compiled a music cd or two for me. When he left the company he downloaded all the songs he had on his computer in mp3 format for someday. That thing had long been forgotten and collected dust. Well, the cd he made for me was lost last year. That made me really sad. I loved my song mix. I bet you see where this is going huh? It turns out that the new car stereo has an mp3 player. We found the old mp3 cd and put it in. Viola! All my old songs were back! Iíll tell you what was on there (what I remember). Name titles and all may be a little off cuz my memory isnít all that great.

Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse
Teenage Dirt Bag- Wheatus
Outside- Staind with Fred Durst
Anything Anything- Dramarama
Over My Head- Lit
Hunger Strike- Temple of the Dog
Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
Drops Of Jupiter- Train
Space Between-DMB
Inside out- Eve6
Fuel-Hemorrhage (In My Hands)
Arms Wide Open- Creed
What's That You Say?-Sprung Monkey
Time After Time-Matchbox 20

There may be a couple more on here that I just canít remember. But I loved this compilation. I have a second one too that is equally cool (songs go back a few years) but it still fun to listen to. The songs
Blend right I think. I just thought Iíd share because this music brings me great pleasure. Now I can drive around Vienna In my fixed SUV and listen to my favorite songs. And did I mention the kids will be back in school? I will be complete when the computer is fixed and Iím not using this stupid, stupid head laptop anymore.

On the topic of music, do you have any special bands that evoke some extra emotions or memories or what not? For me, it would be something like this:

Guys that make me horny when they sing: Pearl Jam (10 and Vs) and Dave Matthews (Crash and Beyond These Streets?)

What I listen to when Iím sad or melancholy that was also lullabies for my kids: Paul Simon (One Trick Pony and Negotiations and Love Songs)

When I parted with my Ex: Green Day (Dookie) and Alanis Morrisset (Jagged Little Pill)

Albums that make me want to dance: Abba (Gold) and Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

For long trips on he road : Any classic rock. Journey, Steve Miller Band, Kansas, Foreigner, Queen etc. and my special made cds.

Ok. Maybe Iíll write something worthwhile tomorrow.

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