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2004-12-02 - 2:11 p.m.

We got the official news today. We will be moving to Yaoundť, Cameroon by the end of summer. Thatís in Africa for those not in the know. Weíll finish out the year here in Vienna then go to CA. for a few weeks for home leave then either to D.C. for language (the language there is French) training or straight to Africa. Azure skies. Tsetse flies. There are a lot of mosquitoes so my new body fragrance shall be Deep Woods OFF! Iíll sleep under a net at night. Iíll just pretend like Iím Sleeping Beauty or something. I am not worried about going either. When I first came to Vienna I was scared to death of being in a foreign country with another language. But now that Iíve done it, itís not the big frightening deal I thought it would be. Those who know me know that I am a huge scaredy-cat baby. So if I can say itís not such a big deal then rest assured, it isnít. And Africa, ooh I have always wanted to go. It will make this winter a cakewalk thinking about it. Winters there are really summer to them. Iíll be basking in the sun and 100-degree heat in Dec.-Jan. Iím crossing my fingers weíll get a place with a pool. Damn, I sound a tad spoiled. I have to keep in mind that there are checks and balances with this. For every ďperkĒ there will be a downside. Iím just trying to accentuate the positive so that itíll make it easier on the kids when the time comes to move. Iím going on a safari.

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