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2004-11-09 - 9:28 a.m.

It's snowing at Casa de Alana. Wheee. Snow. OK so not really a big wheee yet but that doesn't seem to bother the snow. I haven't even found all our winter warmies yet. The satelite isn't picking up a signal so no tv. No Dr. Phil. hmmmph. Not that I'm huge on Dr. Phil but we only get 8 channels so he does it for me in the morning.

I gotta bake stuff for the bazaar tomorrow anyway. And still it snows. I doubt this snow will last so I'm OK with it. How did it go from green to orange to white so damn fast? I haven't finished my fall clean-up, relatives are coming, Em's birthday is almost here blah blah blah.

Did I mention my zit issue? No? Well I got a huge one right between my eyes. Right between my eyes. Like I meant for it to be there. And it hurts. Oh lovely day. Sh*t fire in Alaska. That's what my ex used to say. Not really sure why but he used to say it. Seems fitting here though. So much work to do and here I sit. And still it snows. OK so I will go drink a pot of coffee, pee a gajillion times and bake. Wheee.

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