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It's My Party and I'll Dance If I Want To
2004-11-03 - 9:57 a.m.

I meant to have all the pictures downloaded from the past month but I canít quite figure out where to plug the thing in at. Cuz Iím a blonde yea, yea, yea. Well, in the next day or two that shall be done. At present, I am fighting off the flu and trying to stay calm so I donít kill my little dog. He is having one of those days where he wants in and out and in and out every 5 minutes. A major pain in the butt when you have 3 stories and spend most of the time on the 3rd. And that yipping. Ugh. AnywhoÖ.

Mt party was a success for me. Yes, people came. Half the people Iíd invited didnít come but that was the half that I didnít expect to show. It was more of a courtesy invite anyway. There were 10 adults, 4 teens, 4 kids and 1 pain in the butt little dog. I had a whole table full of goodness and of course the stuffed mushrooms were the first to go. I was so elated (and a lil buzzed) cuz it was my first party AND it was a HALLOWEEN party AND people showed! They seemed to be enjoying themselves too. My friend A burned a cd for me that will have me forever grateful. It is the ultimate Halloween party cd with original artist. The songs included Ghostbusters, Soul man, Spooky, Thriller, Time Warp, Monster Mash, Witchy Woman, Disco Inferno, Boogie man, etc. A few of us even did the Electric Slide. Two of the teenage boys were dancing maniacs and put on a cute show. You know I will be using that every year from now on.

We had a lot of Austrian Trick-or-Treaters too. Itís funny because Halloween is a new concept that just started taking off in the last 4 or 5 years here. They donít really get the purpose but figure ďHey, a party thing!Ē You can buy all kinds of Halloween stuff in the stores. They are learning the art of commercialism. Woo hoo! Well, it was a fun and festive night.

One thing happened though that was not only weird but also a major bummer for one couple of friends that came. See, they have this little dog that is some weird breed. He is tiny and looks something like a Chihuahua but with a tiny head and a bit smaller. He was a very expensive dog. He was also the little studly who humped my arm back in April.

Anyway, their daughter called and asked if they could bring Rocky and I said sure. It turned out they decided not to because Rocky and Scooter donít get along. Kelly went home with them after the party to stay the night and when they got home Rocky was nowhere to be found. He had access to the patio on the roof that is surrounded by a three-foot wall. He has always had access to the area when they leave. Well, this night of all nights, he jumped the wall and fell three stories. I donít know why. What scared him or upset him to make him do such a thing. I know they were devastated. That dog was their baby and very much loved. I feel so horrible about it and wish I could take it back. I guess thatís the thing about Halloween sometimes. Such a night is unusual and unpredictable.

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