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2004-09-22 - 11:16 p.m.

I just did the coolest thing tonight. I was a participant in one of those military security drills where the scenario was a bomber came in and blew the building up and there were dead people and people with parts hanging out (fake of course) and lots and lots of blood. I played the lead role of hysterical woman covered in blood. I did my best acting job since it was being filmed for studies. I think I did quite well. Did I mention all the fake blood? I looked like Carrie. I was widening my eyes and trying to see if I could set things on fire with my mind powers. It didnít work though. We had to make it all as real as possible. I even managed to squeeze out a few tears. I had to call a post over and over freaking out into the phone. Then, when the marines came in wearing full gear, I had to get all nutty and distract them from their job at hand. I was supposed to make it where they had to subdue me with handcuffs but they managed to overpower me and haul me out. No handcuffs. That was a little disappointing but did I mention I was all covered in blood? Yea, Iím still pretty jazzed. I gave one heck of a performance and had to keep it up for a solid 30 minutes. I collapsed form exhaustion. It was fun though. Glen participated too. He played the part of guy in hard to find place. They didnít find him though so it changed to guy they didnít find so he croaked. I won rave reviews from the kid with the eye coming out and part of his lower intestine. Iím cool like that. I came home and took a shower when it was over and managed to get all the blood out of my hair and off of my face but I was a little disappointed. I wouldíve loved to show up at the preschool tomorrow with that stuff all over me still. I was tempted to sneak in Emís room tonight just for giggles but decided against nightmares for her. She probably wouldíve just said, ďHi Mommy, youíre homeĒ. What a way to spend a Wednesday night.

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