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On phone bills and dog genders
2004-09-21 - 8:31 p.m.

My son called his father, my ex today. The man hasnít called here in nearly a month so my son finally called him. He asked to speak to me afterwards. He told me that he feels like the kids should be calling him. I reminded him that he was the adult in this situation but to tell the truth, I donít think he gets it. And Iím supposed to foot the bill for all these calls when he doesnít even pay child support at all? I donít think so. I have been soft hearted for almost 10 years now for the kidsí sake and because truly I still cared very much for him. You can only do so much for so long though and my time was way over due. This last time I saw him I realized he is so much like the (insert not nice word here) he is with that it was fairly easy to shake whatever lingering feelings I might have had left. The thing is that I feel like if the kids donít make the effort for him, he wonít bother and in the long run, itíll be the kids that get hurt. It seems inevitable though. Iím just trying to drag it out until they are older so that the hurt will be lessened. Sigh. But as for me footing the bills AND twice a week per his request? I donít think so.

Scooter is home now from his trip to the vet. Poor dog was so happy to go for a ride today he was dancing on his hind legs and practically wetting himself. He stuck his head out of a cracked window to sniff the autumn breeze and let his tongue flap in the wind. He had this stupid-giddy look on his face and no idea of his impending doom. Have I mentioned how bad I felt? He is home now and still canít stand on his hind legs and he has this bandage covering the spot where his jewels once were. I hope he doesnít hate me. He has been whining on and off so Glen has taken over and been comforting him. Glen pondered over whether this would make the dog gay. He said he wouldnít mind as he is not homophobic or anything. I had to laugh. I told him that it would erase his sex drive altogether but doubtful that heíd prefer a certain gender of dog. But maybe heíll prefer home decorating shows now. He also asked if this made Scooter a girl dog. How is my husband a computer genius??? We are such dorks.

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