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2004-09-19 - 10:19 p.m.

Tonight was the final episode of Joan of Arcadia here. Yes, I know we are behind a season on all shows but thatís the price you pay living overseas. Kelly was so bummed she was nearly in tears. It came on Sunday nights here and was the one show we watched as a family. It was also about God so that was a good thing too. Itís actually a pretty good show and I really liked it myself. Plus, it has a lot of good actors and I only just realized the son on the show is Jason Ritter. I shouldíve seen the resemblance before. I liked that my kids liked to watch it too. The show I mean. Itís a nice change from Pokemon. Itís weird though; every Sunday Iíd start singing/humming that song by Joan Osbourne. You know the one that goes ďYea, Yea God is great, Yea, Yea, God is good. Yea, Yea, Yea yea yea, What if God was one of usÖ.Ē Sometimes Iím naughty and I make up my own words. ďWhat if God smoked cannabis, it would explain the platypusÖ..Ē Ah, but I donít mean it. Just kidding up there. I think that God has a sense of humor anyway.

On another thought, I really think I have been drinking way too much coffee lately. Iím really high strung and my joints seem to be hurting immensely and all the time. Oy. And the dog; if he gets behind me just one more time and yips out that high pitched bark, Iím going to throw him over the balcony. Donít worry, Iíll put his safety goggles on first but that dog will be flying. I feel so cranky and just ready to kill anyone and everyone. Yea, itís gotta be the coffee. Maybe I should cut it down to half a pot instead of a whole one each morning.

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