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2004-09-17 - 1:35 p.m.

Wednesday was the big event for my catering job. I spent two days chopping, cooking and prepping food. It was a lot of work even with the help I had. Still, I was pretty happy with the end results. The stuffed mushrooms were the bomb and I knew Iíd make a killing. Of course, not before chewing my fingers down to nubs for a week. I spent an additional three hours at the womanís house with the final touches. I catered to 60 hungry people, mostly men. It was an Embassy representational party so everything had to be perfect if I ever hoped to get any business again. I left just in time for the party to arrive. Today, I got an email from the hostess with a bit of a review. Here is an excerpt from it.

ďI want to repeat that the food was just perfect for the group. You tailored

it just right to the mainly male crowd and showcased American styles that

went well with the American wines. The food was hearty but still


Iím also hooked up with another job this month it looks like. Go me! Iím predicting better days to come.

Other things that I have been thinking about lately have really been getting me depressed. I feel like Iím going through some of the same old crap with an all-new crowd. I feel like I canít trust anyone and that feeling really just sucks. Iíd like to have some strong friendships built from this tour but the more time goes on, the more I doubt thatíll happen. I hate feeling like Iím good enough for a few little things but certainly not someone you want to hang out with or better yet, GO PLACES with. I also hate that I was on guard a little more with people but still managed to get bit in the butt. Of course, all these emotions could be stemming from my extra coffee intake.

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