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2004-09-10 - 7:26 p.m.

I got a gig! I got a gig! Itís official; I got a real live job where I am getting paid money! Lots of money! I am catering an Embassy reception of over 60 people. At 10 Euro a head well, you do the math. I am so elated. I feel like I hit the big time. Sort of. This time I actually got a 200-euro advance so I know itís for real. I want to do an outstanding job, even if this is the only big catering job I do. I just want to be able to say that I tried a new venture and this is what I did. You know, something to call my own. Something that I pulled off and hopefully people will like it. Iím so excited. I even recruited a helper. Like Iím a real boss of a business. Well kind of. But this is so cool for me, like a big break. Ok itís not yet the novel I intend to have published but I still have to write that. I got a gig I got a gig. Oh glorious day. Mom, arenít you proud? See? I went for it and finally someone wants me!

Oh and you know what else I discovered? That if you google ďsagging boobsĒ then my site is number 2! Go me?

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