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2004-09-03 - 10:32 a.m.

Oh how I love it when my sister comments with an endearing ďYou suckĒ. OK so I have been severely lacking in the update department but hey, Iíve been busy. Doing stuff. Yea, I have been doing more in the past week then Iíve done in months it seems. I wouldnít say itís anything exciting but stuff just the same. I got all these new neighbors and I have been taking a couple out shopping or whatever. One of these days Iíll go into more detail on a few but not now other than they seem to be a pretty good bunch.

I unwittingly joined a softball team last weekend thinking Iíd just be playing for the day. No, it seems I joined a team and have to PRACTICE. I throw like a girl. The men want me to throw like a man. I pulled something in my shoulder that gave me great pains down my arm for about 4 days straight. Because my boobs are pretty large I might have put an eye out running the bases. My whole body hated me and was not my friend for several days. Iím not looking forward to telling it that we have a game tonight against the Canadians.

I watched a movie one night. It was House of Sand And Fog. It was a little slow-paced at first but well worth watching. I cried so hard during the last 20 minutes or so but maybe a little was hormonal. Still, the acting was very well done and it was one of those movies of circumstance and neither side was the bad guy. There is no happy ending but a heart wrenching one. It isnít a chick flick either so men can enjoy it too. I would recommend it as a really good drama.

The whole ACP Chairman thing is going along so far but I donít know where itís going to end up. There is so much more involved with running this stuff than I was originally aware of so my hands are pretty full. With the PTF Halloween thing, (Iím Chairing that, got my own little nametag and everything) itís in the beginnings. I have a lot of work to do to pull it all together. Thankfully, I have help. In fact, I have to run on over to the school today to work on that some.

As for the kids, Kelly is having soccer tryouts this week. I have no doubt sheíll make the team especially since she was on it last year and she is a pretty decent player. If for some reason she doesnít, Iím totally prepared to give the new coach a little bit of the what-for. She goes on this school trip next week for a few days to somewhere in Austria. I canít remember where but the whole 7th grade goes along with the teachers as a new year ďbondingĒ thing. She likes it though. Dylan is in band this year and going to play the alto sax. I think heíll be pretty good at it too. He doesnít squeak it the way a certain sister of mine used to torture a clarinet. I want him to learn the Simpsonís theme song on it and maybe be like Lisa Simpson. He will also be getting guitar lessons for his electric guitar. Maybe heíll grow up to be the next Eddie Van Halen . Emily has learned the formula for Pie and is currently studying astronomy. Iím kidding. Sheís in PreSchool and working on triangles and parades this week. Scooter is back up to his doggy tricks of pooping on the carpet and marking the leg of a livingroom table. He also puked on the carpet in our room around 2 a.m. last night. Probably due to chewing up a dry-erase eraser and probably stomaching half of it.

I imagine all this stuff seems pretty boring. Itís like Iím this soccer mom and the only drama I have is issues in the PTF/ACP and what am I going to cook for dinner. For the most part thatís the case but when I was in Oklahoma and saw the drama that went on there with break-ups and vandalizing vehicles, drinking to much, he said/she said, threatening phone calls, angry screaming/throwing things fights, etc. I was glad for the simplicity of my life. I donít care for drama of the other kind, although, it might make this journal a tad more interesting.

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