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2004-07-25 - 6:34 p.m.

We went to the Prater today. It’s like the American version of a State Fair or the Del Mar Fair (for folks in Southern Ca.) only without all the livestock. They had all the rides only there were a few better ones as the Prater is stationary and opens every year from spring until the end of summer. I thought that we should do and see all the things Vienna has to offer since we only have a year left. So anyway, yea, we went to the Prater. Vienna is really big on dogs and they are everywhere so I thought, Scooter should come with us on our little outing so he can get used to being on a leash and being out in public and what better way then a noisy fair? He was very well behaved too.

We went on a few of the rides. I went on the giant Ferris wheel. My fear of heights seemed to have diminished a lot since I actually enjoyed it. I went on some ride where you lay down and it’s on a roller coaster track that goes upside down too. I didn’t much care for it because it kept pushing all my weight to my shoulders and neck. But at least I can say I did it. I went on a boomerang type roller coaster with Kelly too. Dylan hasn’t quite gotten brave enough for those types of rides but he did go on one called Ecstasy that spun you around upside down. There was a McDonalds there too so I got some fries. The kids had ice cream.

The biggest thing was there was this Bungee jump. We always see them but never venture that route. Today was different. I looked at Glen and said, “Why don’t you go on the Bungee jump?” He asked what I’d give him if he did. He was joking of course but I promised him a, um, ‘special favor’ if he would do it. He said, “You want me to???” and I said, “Yea, I do”. We walked over there and I asked him if he was nervous. He said he wasn’t but I knew better. I thought for sure he’d back down. I told the kids he was going to do it. We got there and he took one last look at me and asked, “You sure?” I smiled and nodded. He walked up and paid the cash. They weighed him and fitted him with a harness. There was no backing down now. A crowd of people was watching. I could tell he was scared. His smile was big but I saw the fear in his eyes. I wondered how I could tell him to do something I clearly did not have the juevos to do myself. As he stepped on the lift he blew me a kiss. I mouthed the words “I love you” Just in case it was the last time I could tell him. He mouthed them back, you know, just in case. Then up he went. Kelly stood beside me and whispered a little chant that went something like “Please don’t let the rope snap” over and over again. Emi couldn’t look up. It was too much of a strain on her little neck. “Is Daddy gonna jump?”

“Yes, Emily he is”

“Is he gonna die?”


Kelly said she couldn’t watch. Then he spread his arms and dropped. In like 20 seconds it was over. It was over and he did it and he survived. There wasn’t a peep out of him till he was on the ground. I tensed up. I wondered if something in his brain shorted out with the drop? Then he let out a giant “WHOOOOOO!!!!” I think one of relief and exhilaration and the fact that it was over, he did it, and his pants were still dry. I was so proud at that moment. He came up to me, kissed me and told me if he could do that, he could do anything. I know what he means. I want to overcome my fears so that I can feel the same way. I want to so bad. Next time we go, I want to make the drop myself.

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