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2004-06-23 - 3:05 p.m.

OK Iím back. I canít believe I let a whole week go by without posting something. Especially since last Thursday was my 5th wedding anniversary with my darling other half. We have spent 9 years together and married 5. I think they we make a great couple because we seem to know what the other needs and are able to give it. We are also more then willing to compromise at anytime if itíll help the situation out. I find that these things are very good for having a happy marriage. Also, he does dishes.

We went to TGIFridays for dinner that night because I wanted to know what I was ordering to insure I would enjoy the meal. I mean, I love Vienna but not necessarily some of the cuisine. We had a nice dinner that ended up setting us back 100 dollars! Because of the euro and because we had no idea that those Ultimate mixed drinks were 9 bucks a pop and we each had 2. Well, it was a nice dinner anyway. We parked at the Embassy since we still havenít gotten the hang of city parking yet. Yea, I know, weíre dorks. Glen thought a nice walk back would do us good. He offered that we could hop the trolley at any time. We ended up walking the whole way back about 2 Ĺ to 3 miles. I was in dress shoes. Whee. Still it was a beautiful evening and downtown is pretty scenic. He also bought us some champagne but we were so full from dinner that itís still in the fridge waiting to be popped.

Friday night we went to some friendís house for dinner of homemade pizzas and lots of wine. I like wine more and more. Bad me. It was a nice evening as well and the live on the top floor so they have the roof top to themselves and it is great up there for barbequing and growing flowers and what not. There is a lot of space is what Iím saying, and a gorgeous view of the vineyards to boot. Remember how I was talking about wanting to be cool and smoke and all that crap? Well, my friend smokes and we were on the rooftop and no one was looking and I had a lot of wine (you know where this is going right?) so when she offered I took one and I smoked it. I didnít feel as young, cool, and carefree as Iíd hoped too, suffice to say. I did wake up with a nice little hacking cough and really foul colored phlegm the next day. Let the good times roll.

Saturday was the day of the Mid Summer Nights Cruise on the river Danube. It was our anniversary gift to each other, this cruise. We started of with a restaurant in the vineyard near our home with two other couples. We had a nice meal and drank the wine. I told you, the wine and me are becoming lovely friends. This was the first time we actually set out and did something planned with other couples and it was a lot of fun. Then we met by the pre-school to board a bus to Melk. Yes, there were a few ďGot Melk?Ē jokes. I know, ha ha laaaaame. The bus ride there wasnít too bad. It was about an hour away and it was pouring outside. I hoped it would let up for the cruise. We made jokes and did trivia and I attempted to sing some but I was alone on that venture. Nobody seemed to know the lyrics to the Doobie Brothersí Black Water but me.

When we got on the boat it was one of those nice cruise boats. There were 100 of us from the Embassy and 300 Austrians. I mention this for a reason. I drank many ErdbeerBowels. I think thatís how you spell it. Anyway, it means strawberry and itís rum soaked strawberries in a glass with champagne. Yummy stuff. I had like, six. I also had some really good soup. It was a goulash or something but it was heaven. The rain had continued but it wasnít horrible. So I was out on the top deck enjoying the view. There were some Austrian musicians playing mood music via accordion but that was cool too. It turns out the Austrians were celebrating Summer Solstice, (I think thatís how itís spelled) and covered the hillsides with candles. There were hundreds of them and there were castles that were nothing but lit candles and waterfalls. It was breathtaking. There were fireworks that are the best display youíll see all year Iím told. Then I went to sit for dessert. Some other friends of ours were on the cruise and decided to sit at our table. They werenít just drunk, they were plastered. They were that lovely loud and obnoxious drunk. They made signs that with pen and paper in German demanding ďfrigginĒ beer. Then held them up and chanted. Iím sure this went over well with the 300 Austrians I told you about. On the bus ride home the only seats on the bus were in the very back by them of course. It was the longest ride home as they did not shut up or take a breather once. I thought Iíd go nuts. They are still my friends of course but damn! On the bright side, this time the drunken obnoxious person wasnít me. The rest of the tour had been nice though.

Sunday morning was of course Fathers Day. I woke up with my throat feeling like itíd been shred with glass. Payment for that smoke I snuck? I made Glen breakfast but it wasnít in bed. He forgot what day it was and got up with the dog. But after breakfast I was feeling pretty bad and had to have some thera-flu. I spent the day in bed and he spent the day doing laundry. Reason number 538 why I love him. I did get up and make hime a nice steak dinner though. My throat got worse and Kelly was complaining her throat hurt too. I figured we all had strep or else Kelly snuck a smoke too.

Monday morning, we all went to the med unit and Kelly, Emily and I all tested positive for strep. Thatís good only cuz if Emily snuck a smoke too, I think Iíd be pissed. Dylan had another sinus infection so it was antibiotics all around. Glen was the only one with a clean bill of health and a little disappointed that he couldnít go home too. Thatís just his luck.

So that should catch everyone up. Wasnít that a bunch of fun? Yea, I thought so too.

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