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BarbeQues and Baseball, Summer is here
2004-05-31 - 10:16 a.m.

We had a block party/bbq last night for all the families who are leaving next month. There are five families leaving to be exact. Possibly six. In this area there are 14 houses and they are all huge. To be eligible to live in one you must have at least 3 kids. Each family has between 3 and 5 kids so you can imagine how noisy it gets in the summer here since we all share yards. Anyway, we will be getting a whole new flock of kids in by August and I still haven’t even figured out which kids are which that have been here. So we had this bbq and there was soo much to eat that I may have over done it just a teensy bit there. OK, after two rum and cokes and 3 glasses of wine I was eating like a horse. I paid for it today on the walk of death. I would’ve taken pictures of the event but didn’t for two reasons. The batteries in my camera are dead and to tell you the truth I’m not close enough to anyone that I feel the need to have their pictures, even for posterity. Maybe I will at next year’s bbq since I will be the one leaving.

On Saturday’s game the Giants were down 4 to 7. It was looking bleak and I was having one heart attack after another watching those kids play. Yes, I admit, I am one of those psycho baseball moms always screaming “Hold them! Hold them back!” “Watch the ball!” “Dylan! Watch the game! Run Dammit! Ruuuuuunnnn!!” I know, I know crazy but I can’t help it. Besides, these kids are like, 10 so they can take it. I’m in the dug out with them cheering them every step of the way. Anyway, we were behind but had 2 on base and 2 outs. Dylan was up to bat. I’m yelling “Elbow up! Dylan, elbow up!” and there’s the pitch. He swings and it’s a triple! This was the kid that used to NEVER hit the ball. I was so used to saying “Good try, we’ll get ‘em next time” and he pounded that ball. I think I probably hit the ground with a thud on that one. The next kid up got a home run that brought Dylan and himself in and the next kid was out ending the game. But we won! They play the semi-finals on Tuesday and if the Giants win that game they go to the Championships. I want this for these kids so badly. Last year, the Giants were the last place team. They kept their chins up through it but I saw many a tear smeared away from those kids who tried so hard. For them to be in first place this year is incredible. It’s just like the Bad News Bears. They have come so far I want them to go all the way.

That sums up my weekend in a nutshell. It’s a gorgeous day out and here I am sitting on the computer. I need to get out and enjoy the day. Hope everyone else had a good holiday as well.

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