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More proof that my sadistic dentist hates me
2004-05-26 - 6:46 p.m.

I finally got to see the dentist today. Let me tell ya all about the fun. First, I sat in the waiting room skimming through magazines. Since they are all in German, I settled for looking at all the pretty pictures for an hour. I never understood why they ask you to come at a certain time only to make you wait another hour. So anyway, when I get called in, I sit down in the big lovely chair with the blinding spotlight on my face. For a second I pondered whether my face might have gotten oily and would the dentist be offended by it. She looked in my mouth and agreed that there was indeed a big hole. She then said, “let me know if you feel pain, ok?” I got a little worried there and asked “but you are using Novocain, right?” and she agreed that she would. I closed my eyes and settled back for the shot in my mouth only to hear the whiz and whir of the drill as it entered. What she didn’t mention was that she would use Novocain only if I was screaming in pain. So once she started I just wanted it over with so I let her keep going. Yes you read right, she drilled, I winced. The sound alone is like nails on a chalkboard. The feeling? Not pleasant at all. I tried to think of a song in my head to distract me but for some reason thanks to Bonnies’ diary) the only thing that popped in my head is Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond. Picture me in the chair, drills a-whirring, teeth chunks flying, tears sliding down my cheeks as I am blasting Song sung blue…weeping like a willow in my head. Wheee. Good times.

When I got home the house smelt of kid funk and sweaty PE shoes so I went to light one of my new scented candles and was talking to Kelly so I didn’t notice for a second there that I caught my new glue-on nail on fire. I did put it out but it melted some. It was my thumbnail. The corner melted halfway down. It was the only one I have left since Kelly raided the nails too. I have a board meeting tonight. I hope no one notices.

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