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Asshats, man hands, and coffee creamer
2004-05-25 - 5:13 p.m.

The dentist I have here really sucks canal water. The other day, half the filling fell out of a root canal they performed on my tender little mouth (only 2 months ago) and I called to have it fixed. They were informed of my pain and said they would call today to give me an appointment for tomorrow. When I waited all morning and no call, I called them. The receptionist said she’d see what she could do and call me back in an hour. After 6 hours of waiting and no pone call I called back only to be told she left for the day and maybe she’d call me in the morning. I can’t eat, my gums infected, I have nothing for the pain and 3 days later they “might” call me. I have never had such crappy treatment. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where they just don’t like Americans. Worst yet, they are located right next to the Embassy. You’d think they would be a little more considerate for the business or something. Stupid, stupid, asshat, stupid heads. I’m not grumpy am I?

Anyway, we did have a lot of fun in Germany even though we were on an army base the whole time. We went bowling. The very first ball I threw and yes, it got thrown, went across to the other lane and got wedged in the gutter by the metal bumper halfway down the lane. A worker had to come and retrieve it and the kids laughed their asses off. I swear my fingers stuck in the holes (me, and my man hands). Emily scored better than I did. I think my highest game was a 42. That’s pretty lousy considering my mother was Bowler of The Year when I was a kid in Oklahoma. I guess I didn’t inherit her talent in that department.

We also went canoeing on the lake there. For married couples, I strongly suggest that only one person paddles at a time for the sake of your marriage. Otherwise, someone is going overboard. We went to the movies and saw Van Heisling (did I spell that right?) It was pretty good but I was expecting it to be gorier than it was so I was a bit bummed about that but, it was still pretty good. We went out to eat at the Tex-Mex place and we played nickel slots. We won 175 on the machines. Coolness. And the best part, The shopping! All of the American processed foods that I so love, like the cans of squeeze-cheez that I could suck down straight from the can if I wanted or the vanilla latte creamer for my coffee. I am in heaven. Explains my bad teeth I guess, huh? We maxed out our charge card but got all kinds of goodies. The kids got a portable DVD player for the long trips we take. That thing is a Godsend with 3 kids in an SUV for 6 to 10 hours a pop. I also bought some fake glue –on nails to well, to glue on. I’m trying to fancy up my man hands a little but I must say, typing with them is a bitch. Well, I better go, my mouth is throbbing and somewhere downstairs is a little bottle of alcohol saying “Alana….come drink meeeee. You’ll feeeel better.”

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