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2004-05-13 - 12:52 p.m.

So I am sitting here feeling kind of lazy. Itís one of the grayish, misty days out. You know, lazy-hazy type days. I have been sitting here playing my new pc game CSI: Dark Motives. It was my Mothers Day gift. Yes, sillies, itís what I wanted. I really dig this kind of stuff. I want to take some online courses in forensic study this fall if I can. I just like this morbid kind of stuff. Although I really suck at math, I wonder if thatíll hold me back?

Anyway, I have a housekeeper here. I have never had one before in my life up till a few months ago. I feel kind of lazy cuz, while I sit here playing on the computer she is downstairs a-scrub-scrub-a-dubbiní away. She only comes once a week for 4 hours so itís not an everyday thing but still. I am sitting right here when I could be cleaning away. This house is huge though. It has 3 floors and 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms etc. Itís a pain in the ass to clean it all of the time.

Now for those of you who donít know me and think I am a big spoiled wah-baby who should just shut her pie hole, Once upon a time I was so poor I lived out in the middle of the country with no running water, A 5 gallon bucket for a toilet, and almost no furniture. I worked at McDonalds and bathed out of the sink there. I once was so hungry I ate a squirrel (tastes like chicken by the way) that we killed out of a tree. My point is, life wasnít always this hunky dory. Iím still not really used to all the space. I was just saying, I feel awkward having a woman come in and clean when I could be (maybe should be) doing it myself. Itís just one of those days.

I have to house two 6th grade girls from Bucharest this week. They come in tonight and I have them here till Sunday. Itís what you have to do if your kid plays sports here. They play kids from other American schools in the surrounding countries. My daughter just went to Budapest to play softball a few weeks ago. Anyway, there are some sports tournaments going on here so I will be housing 2 kids for the next four days. Damn that means, Iím going to have to cook. The one thing about other peoples kids is you canít do the ďEat it or wear it!Ē thing or the ďIf you donít eat your green beans, so help me, Iíll shove em up your nose!Ē Double damn.

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