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2004-05-10 - 4:14 p.m.

In the past week I have received at least 7 calls regarding me volunteering to head and organize every function held here under the sun. “Can you organize the School Picnic for 500+ people?” “How about being Chair of the Halloween committee? You know we aren’t able to have such events without volunteers” “Would you be interested in sitting on the AEA board?” “We really need you to organize the food for the Boy Scout over night trip, your husband is the only one who can start the grill.” Yes these were all real calls. Either I appear to be the most organized highly functioning person in the neighborhood or I have SUCKER stamped on my forehead. I am thinking it’s the latter of the two. I have already accepted Chairman of the board for the American Community Preschool in the fall. With my quest to be employed by then, I don’t see how I can do all that these people want. Nor do I have the desire. Bummer. I’m still waiting for an interview for that mailroom spot. Any day now, any day.

My Mothers Day was nice I suppose. Glen made me breakfast in bed and he didn’t burn the bacon this year. I like my eggs a certain way (one of my peculiarities) so I was having a little laugh each time I hear “SHIT!” from the kitchen. When he brought my breakfast he said, “After, 6 tries viola! Eggs without the yolks broke!” I was so proud of him. The kids brought me their hand made gifts and kissed me and said Happy Mothers Day then went about the day the same as any. I did laundry and I fixed dinner. I played cards with Glen and didn’t cuss too much when he was winning. It was raining hard yesterday but when the rain stopped, we took Scooter for a walk. I have been walking quite a bit. It’s still very painful but I am determined dammit.

Now I have to concentrate on this trip back to OKLA. This summer so that the kids can see their dad. Planning it has been such a pain in the ass so far. My ex isn’t extremely helpful on the keeping up with stuff in a timely manner. You’d think he would, since it’s gonna cost ME a fortune to get them there. I’m tired of having to be the one to do all this myself and now that I need to talk to him, he has his phone off the hook. Ugh.

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