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2004-04-15 - 9:50 a.m.

We met the family we are sponsoring on Tuesday. I happen to think they are pretty cool so far. Want to know what a small world it is? She used to live in Claremont about 20 minutes from me. Years before that, she worked at the fitness center on the same street I lived on. He used to live on the same street we lived on. It was way before us as they are somewhat older, but still. How cool as that. They seem to have our same free spirited mentality, which is refreshing to me. I think that comes from living in So. Cal. I will still be more careful as I don’t need to get my feelings crushed like this last time but I don’t get that vibe from them.

Like us, they are new to this lifestyle too. We have a lot in common despite the age factor and we all felt comfortable around each other from the get-go. The first night we brought them wine and flowers and sat and talked and drank. Her family is in the restaurant business and she is into cooking. (hint: see my catering) She is a certified clown and he was one a ChippenDale dancer. They are anxious to know more about Vienna and Europe and want to do it with us. They aren’t interested in Cliques and she is loud and free and a lot like me. Maybe we will have fun without having to stifle our personalities just to fit in. I’m hoping this will be a great thing.

A funny thing though, they have a little dog. It looks like a longhaired Chihuahua. He is a very friendly dog and they were talking about how much “Rocky” loves the female dogs. I kindly asked if he was also a “leg humper” explaining how dogs like that seem to love me. She told me that although he loves female dogs he has never went after a person. With a sigh of relief I reached down and started petting him. Within minutes he had his front paws wrapped around my arm and was pumping away at the back of my hand with frenzy. I said, “Excuse me, but I think your dog is humping my hand” She looked down and realized that indeed he was. She pulled him off and instantly we burst into laughter as I said. “I told you!” She told me he has NEVER done that before. Her 10-year-old daughter piped in and said, “He must have felt your emotion.” Lucky me.

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