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2004-04-08 - 11:21 a.m.

I have to go to my Weight Blasters meeting at the Embassy in 30 minutes. I don’t expect to see some big change on the scale but I like to remain optimistic. With all these death walks I have been on, maybe something is happening. Today we get to talk about “emotional” eating. You know, for all of us foolios that eat because of the way we feel. Like “I had a really crappy day, pass me that pint of B*n & J*rrys and shut up” or, “It’s such a gorgeous day at the ball park. My kid just caught and amazing zinger and helped win the game! I feel so good I’ll have 2 hot dogs with my cheetohs, Thanks.” We get to talk about why we engage in such behavior and working on eating just because we are hungry.

This will be such a problem for me since I love to eat and I love the way chocolate makes me feel. Still, it’s a club and I’m a member so I am totally there, baby! Speaking of members (no, not my husbands, you pervs!), as you might know I am Co-Chair of the American Community Pre-school. The whole board is leaving this summer except for me so the torch of being Chair and head honcho of the 4-year old set is being passed to me. It’s a little bit overwhelming since I’ve never really been in charge of anything except for my kids and let’s face it; they are more in charge of me half the time. This is just another one of my on-going steps into adult land. However, I lapse into childhood and grab my pooh bear for a quick snuggle and a little comfort more often then I live in said adult land. Ah well, Alanaland is a fun place to visit. The tickets are cheap and the parking is free.

I am a little thrown off on my catering venture. It’s been 2 weeks of advertising and not one single call. Well, at least I put my best foot forward and gave it a shot. I think that is better than never doing it at all and always having that “what if?” in the back of my head. I have now applied for 3 different part-time positions at the Embassy and am crossing fingers that I will land one of them. None of them are real brain straining jobs so I think I could handle it. Not to mention getting out of the house, having some sort of sense of purpose and of course, my very own paycheck.

The big word that all the middle school kids like to overly use besides “like” is “random”. Everything is random and you hear it from every other kid no less then 5 times a day. So in lieu of that I compiled a small list of words I used far too often for my moms taste when I was 13.

Gnarly, Nasal, Killer, Radical, Awesome, Mega-Babe, Tubular, Goober, and of course every other word was Like.

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