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2004-03-22 - 2:21 p.m.

Man, I hate it when it when I feel all guilty for not writing. I see my name and that little number that says 4 days since last update, or whatever it is that it says, and I feel guilty. Like Iíve been bad for putting off telling everyone some mundane thing like how my bowels are today or that I havenít been dieting for sh*t in the last week or that the ex-foo finally called after a month and the moment was very un-extraordinary to say the least. Damn that was a run-on and a half wasnít it? Well, anyway, itís like (deep breath) ďIf ya canít say something witty or worthwhileÖ. (Pause, deep breath, exhale), donít say nothing at.Ē Then smile sheepishly. That and Iíve been busy.

I had my first catering job over the weekend as Iíve said before and I spent hours and hours making everything and trying to make it look good. Lucky for me I had the help of Glen and Kelly through a lot of it; otherwise it would have taken even longer. I mean, it sounds easy but fruit and cheese skewers are a pain in the neck. Especially when you have to make the color scheme just right, like strawberry, Swiss cheese, green apple, cheddar, pineapple, etc. And remember fruit cheese, fruit, and cheese. And kiwis? They break. They are so not skewerable. So I left that monotonous job to them. I took pictures for future ads and I had to admit everything looked good. We delivered it in time for the party and I was paid then and there my asking price. I found out that I couldíve made more but it was my first gig so I was pleased just the same.

Last night at bedtime, I lay there, doubting myself and wondering if I accidentally food poisoned someone or what if there was a hair in the pasta??? Iíd be ruined. What if everyone thought they were eating crap on toast? I put off starting this venture for so long fearing that I would fail. I guess because it is something new and yet another big leap for me. I question my sanity, oh wait that is another story altogether. I figure Iíll never know unless I try and who knows, maybe this will be my thing. Maybe this will be my outlet or give me confidence. Maybe I have found my nicheí. Iíve been looking for quite sometime. For now, Iím just giving myself my very own Pat on the back for trying.

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