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2004-03-16 - 12:04 p.m.

I know it has been a few days since any real update so, I apologize to all who are interested. Anyway, I caught this damn stomach flu again but this time I am determined not to let it kick me in the ass for a week like it did the last time. I have been drinking a homemade ginger tea and it seems to help a little. I havenít hurled last night or today and thatís a good sign. But my butt is not my friend. No sir.

In other news, last week I got a puppy! Yes I did. He is an 11-week-old West Highland white terrier or a ďWestieĒ. He is the cutest little fur ball and pretty feisty. The kids named him Scooter. Glen wanted Harley but he is way too small so maybe Scooter is more fitting. My friend teased me about that. Doing her best southern accent said ďSo what if the trailers on fire! I had ta save mí dawg! Scooter was in thar!Ē Sheís so sweet. But after the Zoe and Bandit fiasco we decided a small little dog would work for us. Of course, we found out after we bought him that he was sick, had worms and some sort of intestinal infection. I have made 5 trips to the vet in one week. He seems to be better now and thankfully he didnít have any serious diseases. He barks at the fridge and he attacks our feet and he tinkles on the dining room floor if no one is watching, but we love him and are happy to have him in the family.

Today is the first really nice day in what seems like ages. The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the birds are singing all over the place. There are tiny little buds peeking out of the ground. They will be gorgeous tulips and daffodils by April. Because it was so nice, I got off my duff today and took Scooter for a walk then I came home and planted some extra daffodil bulbs I had. I have been putting that off forever but today felt like the perfect day. Since I was on a roll I decided to plant my herb seeds that I bought last year. I even had this cute little classic Pooh planter set that I bought for just such a thing. It has sat in my windowsill for a year till today. Of course, while I was inside getting the seeds and planter, Scooter dug up 3 bulbs and pooped on the tulip sprouts in the other flower garden. While I was planting the herb seeds he stuck his nose in the wet fertilizer. He is filthy now. Itís like having a toddler all over again. Heh. But the nice weather has me in higher spirits despite my stomach issues.

And in still other news, I got my first catering gig! Itís for a mother/daughter tea party that will have 20 guests. I am just making finger foods and desserts and pasta but still, my first gig! I havenít even advertised yet. But I guess a little word of mouth from previous parties I did pro bono helped out. I may be well on my way to a business woman!

Oh and one last thing, Kelly made the sofball team at AIS. The two places she will travel to for away games is Budapest and Istambul. How cool is that? And she's only 12.

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