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2004-03-08 - 12:40 p.m.

I have an opinion. She is sometimes right and sometimes she is wrong. Sometimes she teeters in-between. She is my little opinion and I love her still. I say this in lieu of recent web sites I have come across. Every time I think I understand people in general I read something that just throws me for a loop, specifically in the area of opinions. It makes me think I donít understand human nature at all. Itís ok to have an opinion I think, but in general (and this is my own speaking) I donít think a person should force themselves or their feisty opinions on others in hopes of a conversion. I think people can as individuals make up their own mind. Now, Iím speaking generally here. People who push negativity and anger around sadden me. I know I am being kind of vague here but thatís a safe little corner for me. I do have some thoughts I want to push out there that I would like to change the world with though. So now I would like to spout out MY opinions to whoever is reading, so, take that!

1. Street drugs are bad- Yes, I said it and Iím pushing it. They may start out all fun and groovy but in the end, they are just bad. Stay away from the bad.

2. Prostitution is NOT a strategic career move- Sure the quick money might seem pretty enticing, but you are limited to your ability and canít get good medical and dental.

3. There is NO safe way to drink and drive your sports car- Or any other car for that matter. If you like the drinky-drinky take a taxi-waxi.

4. Children Need Discipline- Whether you give them a stern talking to, a time-out, ground them, an old-fashion swat to the butt, or duct tape and the closet, kids need to learn there are consequences for their actions.

5. Dropping out of school is also not a strategic career move-Unless you really like serving fries with that.

6. Wealth should not make the man- I think that famous/wealthy people should receive the same punishment that Average Joe does for any wrong behavior they commit. Are you listeniní OJ, Vince , Martha and Michael?

7. Never Judge a Book By its Cover- Otherwise you will miss out on a lot of good reads.

These are things I would push to enforce on anyone. Not much more than that though. I would like the world to be a better place but I donít think that being extremely left or right is going to do it. For instance, I am Pro-Choice. I personally would never have an abortion but I feel that it is just that, a personal decision that a person has to live with on their own and should be made by them and NO ONE else. Who am I to decide whatís right in someoneís life I know nothing about? I am OK with Gay marriages and gay couples. You love who you love and no one should tell you that your love is less or wrong simply because it doesnít match their view, unless you love a toaster oven. Religion is touchy for some I know. I like to believe in God/a higher power. I like to believe he is up there watching me. I believe I have a soul and when I die it has a nice place to go. This comforts me. But as far as choosing a specific religion, I cannot do that at this time. There are too many out there that all have sort of the same goal in mind. I have trouble with the idea that there is only one true way and everyone else is just wrong and destined to an afterlife with little Nicky. I think adoption is wonderful in fulfilling the needs of everyone involved.

These are all as I have said, my opinions. That is all. They are not fact or the way of life for everyone. I would not force anyone to believe as I do nor let him or her force me to believe as they do. Except for opinions 1 thru 8. Those I will force on anyone in reaching distance and cram these beliefs in with their own. I would listen openly to their opinion and then expect the same courtesy. The difference between ignorance and stupidity is ignorance means you donít know any better and stupidity means you do know better but do it anyway.

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