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2004-03-04 - 4:42 p.m.

We get a weekly printout called the Vienna Tales here to keep us in the know of what's going on each week in Vienna. I sent an e-mail to Glen at work telling him not to forget to bring home the Tales and he sent me this e-mail back:

Tales, what tales my dear? Do you really want me to make up a tale before I

come home?

Once upon a time, there was a king

This King was a very happy man with

a very beautiful young lady as a queen.

The King and queen had two princesses and

a prince. The royal family of 5 made a wonderful

family and were always happy most of the time.

Every once and awhile, the queen gets upset with the king

because he acts stupid and forgets to bring things home for her.

But this time, he has printed out the tales to bring home,

and he hopes this will make her happy. He also has a Kids magazine

for the princess, which will make her happy.

The king hopes this evening will be a joyous one for the royal family

because he loves them very much and wants to live happily ever after.

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