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No deposit, no luck
2004-03-03 - 2:16 p.m.

I caught some sort of freakish stomach virus that makes me feel like I've eaten glass. I feel awful. I went to the med unit at the Embassy and Dr.T gave me some extremely nasty pedia-crap to drink and some anti-biotics. I am having trouble drinking that stuff as it makes me want to hurl.

We found a terrific home for Bandit yesterday. It's a combination country restaraunt, farm and vineyard. They wanted a nice big tom cat to catch the mice. Since he prefers the outdoors, he'll be in heaven there. I hope.

Today I raced to the pet store with money in hand to buy the beloved puppy I had coveted in my head. I was even going through a list of potential names. When I got there, he wasn't in sight. He had been sold already. Sigh.

Such is my day. poop.

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