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Sometimes, I Get So Excited That I Pee My Pants
2004-02-03 - 9:53 a.m.

I was feeling very insecure about myself, and what I had done to my looks. I never imagined the response I would get from everyone. To all of you who visited and took the time I just want to say thank you so much. (Gush, Gush). Your comments mean a lot. I have been feeling so much better. Iím also pleased to know I have a few more readers. Now if I can just come up with something worthwhile to say.

I do need to mention that since I have gone off the meds I am feeling more human again. The darn dizzy spells still make me woozy but I no longer have the urge to drive my head through the walls. I donít sleep near as much either. However, when I do sleep some of the things I have been dreaming about have been out there. And since I got this haircut the dreams have all taken on the same tone. Boys in high school/Jr. High that I never approached for fear of heinous rejection, suddenly thought I was the most spectacular thing to walk the planet. Last night, I was back in high school and I was wearing a prom dress of sorts (even though I never went to my prom), and not one but THREE young men were fighting for my affection. I wound up with a big hunky jock. For me, thatís funny. But Iím feeling like I have so many issues I should run a newsstand.

I am also reading ďI Know This Much Is TrueĒ by Wally Lamb. Itís a very good book. Get it. Read it. Expand your mind. Before I came to Vienna I think I read about 5 books in the course of 4 years. I think I have gone through 15 to 20 since Iíve been here. And for all of you on the east coast in the US, you have my sympathy with all that cold and snow. We have weather in the 50s for the past 2 days. Such a welcoming change from the snow that was neat when it was new but just plain cold and irritating after that. And now for more of your viewing pleasure (Iím so sorry dial-up people) some pictures from Dec. and Jan.

This first one is at one of the Christmas Markets in Dec. It was colder than Janetís booby in a brass bra that night. But it was fun to get out. Ok, this one I love. Can you guess which one is my kid? If you thought it might be the boy in the center in the green sweatshirt and scarf singing his lil heart out, you were right. This was a scene from the play "Pirates" being performed at the middle school. Kelly is in the white sweater. This was at a dance at the middle school. Notices the Amazon kid in the Tweety shirt? Thatís my kid. Sheís even younger then several of the girls in the picture. Maybe, sheíll be a model/pro basketball player when she grows up. Emily, eating WHITE snow Kelly and Dylan doing some mini sledding in the driveway. And of course, the sign on my street. It means no honking in Vienna. Donít worry they do anyway.

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