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What's Her Age Again?
2004-01-19 - 7:54 p.m.

I'm Baaaaack.....OK, so I never really went anywhere. I have just been to lazy to post. I did however watch all 23 episodes of CSI season 2. That was a great fix let me tell ya.

Kelly performed in the play Friday night and again tonight. She was beautiful up on that stage. Dylan thought for sure she was going to forget her lines or trip or something. I kind of wondered how she'd do, myself. She was never very outspoken and was always in the back when the grade school children did any sort of performance. She was much more quiet and although she wanted to be up there, her shyness kept her from shining. That is, until Friday night. She seemed to glow up there. Instead of my quiet, comely little girl there was a beautiful young lady standing on stage. Her head was held up and she acted with such poise and confidence. I was so proud that my head probably looked like a large Glowstick.

She has definately come out of her shell since moving here and oh, does it ever show. And through none of my doing, she has aquired a new love for the theater. My family will know what that means to me.

On top of it all there is a handsome young 7th grader who is also in the play as one of the pirates, who seems to have taken quite a notice in my daughter as well. They grow so fast.

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