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2004-01-12 - 7:41 p.m.

My trucks' radiator is kaput. It'll be in the shop for another week and a half.It'll cost over 1,000 euro to get it fixed. And Glen is going to the states next week for 3 weeks and I will be here, all alone. Yup, just me and the kids. and the cat. The cat that doesn't really like to be snuggled. And the kids. Fortunately, they like to snuggle. But no man and no truck. sigh.

I will have to walk or take the bus everywhere I go, even to get groceries.

Today, I had to take the bus then hike up Hugo Wolf Park with Emily to get her to school. There is still plenty of snow but the sun was out. I got this wild hair up my bum and decided to walk back home as opposed to taking the bus. You know, for the excercise and all. I got about 2 miles in that icy wind and took the next bus I saw. My legs itched from being cold and having to move so much. Currently, they are calling me really nasty names. But still, I walked about 2 miles!

I celebrated by eating half a package of N*utter B*utters while watching CSI. Go me.

But in other news, someone in my family finally received a kidney transplant on tuesday after being on dialisis for three years. He is doing very well and I am so happy that that was another prayer answered. Yay God!

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