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2003-12-17 - 9:10 a.m.

I am back but like the fillings in my mouth, it's only temporary. The ski resort would've been alot nicer for me had it have actually SNOWED while I was there. But I was only there over night, so, no biggy. The heavy snow hit just as we were leaving the next day so Kelly and Dylan have been having a blast there. They are in ski school all week, a lovely gift from their Oma and Opa. It's really cool there and much less expensive then some of the more popular ski resorts around here and Germany. Also the view during the drive up and in the ski area is of course, spectacular.

We stayed in a little (and I mean LITTLE) 2 bedroom apartment. The kitchen was about the size of a closet and everything was made for Mini-Me but it worked. It was very quaint though, and everyone spoke English. The kids ski instructor was from Austrailia. I will have pictures to post but I still have to post Holland pictures so bare with me, alright?? There is a little restaraunt next to the school area where I had some awesome Cordon Bleu and parsley potatoes with candied cranberries on the side. Sounds funny I suppose but it was very good. Emily took her sled down the hill but it was so icy and she is so light she couldn't go more than a few feet at a time and that was when I pushed her. She was a little disappointed, but what can you do?

On the drive home, the cap blew off the radiator, we ran out of water and the truck overheated. Thank God, that there are rest stops, gas stations and bathroom every so many miles along the autobahn. That is one nice thing about traveling in Europe. Tons of rest stations. You never have to worry about getting gas or going pee in an actual bathroom. On the way home Glen lost his voice. I mean totally lost it. It was funny as hell listening to him try to squeak out words. We got lost only once but it wasn't bad either. We got home in one piece so all is well. And lucky for us, Emily enjoys long rides and listening to music. It was a 5 hour drive.

By the next day, I woke up with the flu. I have been vomiting and blowing mucus chunks from my nose and throat ever since. How's that for a pretty picture? I have been trying to clean this house before the in-laws come back with the kids but I don't wanna do it ANY more. I want to drink some Thera*Flu and go to bed. It has been snowing ever since we got back to Vienna but it isn't heavy and it's actually nice out. But I have to keep busy, I have so much to do still. I'm running out of time. Also, tonight we are going to a Christmas party at one of the Ambassadors houses. Tomorrow, we leave for Germany till Saturday. Another 5 hour drive, but there is a base there where we can fullfill all our last-minute Christmas shopping needs. Well, I just sneezed and sprayed myself. go me.

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