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Santa Claus Is Coming To Vienna
2003-12-09 - 10:41 a.m.

When I mispell a ton of words in a single entry, would somebody please tell me? Geez, how embarrassing. That kind of makes me a college educated moron. Thank you.

The holidays are keeping me busy so I haven't been good at the whole entry thing. I sent out all my Christmas cards. Since we don't have a Sears portrait studio here, I created my own and we took our own nice little holiday photo. I sent one to you too, Bonnie. Oh, and the ONLY reason Glen isn't in them is because he was the photographer. OK so I took pictures, addressed and filled out over 20 cards and added the photos I created, yesterday. It took the whole day but at least I got them out.

We went to one of the Christmas Markets over the weekend. It's in front of the Rathous (Rot-house) which is a big beautiful church I believe. I do know that Beethoven used to perform there. It was crowded but it had a very nice holiday atmosphere. There were tons of gorgeous blown glass, hand painted ornaments.Glen bought me a Mamushka (I think that's how you spell it). It's the little wooden doll that has a smaller doll inside each one. We had Austrian doughnuts in chocolate sauce and a cup of Gluvine. That is some sort of spiced drink like hot apple cider, cinnamon and wine. It's actually good on a cold night. And we got to keep the coffee cups. They had Beethoven and the Rathous on them. Cool. There was a train ride for the kids and all the trees were filled with lighted decorations. I enjoyed it. However Glen and Kelly were frozen.

I have this really cool Christmas cd that I have been listening to that has Dave Matthews Band singing,Paul McCarthy, Cher, X-Tina, and Michael McDonald, to name a few. But it sounds good and helps me keep in the spirit along with the classics of Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, and Bing Crosby. Oh I love the holidays. I need to bake some cookies. Next week we are going skiing then off to Vilsek for some last minute shopping.

Oh and I got this Santa suit for like 10 bucks at the metro and a big ruffly beard. Christmas Eve, Glen will dress up in it and I going to have Kelly wake Emily up and sneak her down stairs to get a "glimpse" of Santa Claus. The lights will all be dimmed and she will be half asleep but Kelly will hide her and tell her to be quiet so "Santa" doesnt know she's awake. The she will sneak back upstairs convinced she saw the "big guy". I hope my plan works. That is the thing I am looking forward to most. Oh and HOPEFULLY it will snow and make it my first white Christmas ever.

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