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He did WHAT to the Mashed Potatoes????
2003-11-11 - 9:36 p.m.

Ever had one of those days where you want to write in your journal but you know that people out there in computerland are reading so, you want to come up with something, smart, or funny or witty or something but you can't? Me neither.

No really, I am in a sort of writing funk here. I have lots of ideas and thoughts to ponder etc. I even lie in bed and think about them, like yea, that's a good one, I'll put that in my journal. Then when I am sitting here, at the computer, nothing. zip. zilch. I will then read other journals. The women whose journals I read knock me out with their witticisms and clever antichdotes. Weetabix, TranceJen, and BettyAlready to name a few. I'd link them but I don't know how. They can turn an ordinary day into something hysterical.

Me? The best I have is that last night I got a wild hair up somewheres and decided to smear mashed potatoes on several family members during dinner. Sometimes it's fun to just break the monotany of things, you know. Dylan got a good sideswipe to my face. And his included ketchup. Now to me, this is funny. Why? Because here we sit at dinner in a formal dining room with a chandelier, an 8 seat dining table, a mohogany china cabinet stocked with china and a mohagany buffet thing with wine rack. Sometimes the pressure of being prim and proper gets a little much for me. Sometimes I come to dinner in my nightgown. Other times I fling food and sqwak like a monkey. Last night I played in the mashed potatoes. Oh it's ok, they were cooked artificial flakes from a box. No big loss there. So what if it's immature. I never claimed to be. And well we got mashed potatoes up Kellys nose. My sister and I used to have a saying. "If I'd have known the party was going to be this much fun I'd have stuck my %$# in the mashed potatoes."

So ok some guy came to her house once and made the comment about 7 years ago. It always struck me as ludicrous and yet, amusing.

As I was saying, that's all I've got at the moment. The weather has been nice. Cold, very cold, but the sun is shining and that's all I really need. The ball is this Saturday. I am absolutly giddy with anticipation. Yes, darn it, I said GIDDY. And I have found a fellow disco dancing queen to boogie on down with.

Oh and the highlight of my day? Getting to see the police headshot online of a girl that all the guys used to think was so wonderful back in the day. One of those, Where are they now? deals. heh. I may be fat, but SHE'S in prison. Crud, that was mean. I should not be mean. To my dear readers, I apologize for any unkind remarks or vibes or bad aura I might have sent out. Also, it dawned on me that though it has been pleasant, it has been one boooooring week. Let the OK times roll..

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