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2003-10-29 - 9:15 a.m.

It is foggy outside. Trippy. So this is official heck week since I have all three kids home on Fall break. It's been just nifty. Man, I was hoping once I started typing the flow would come. The flow of words I mean. Something witty, funny maybe. I could go for funny. Nope, nothing. I just rolled over Kellys toe with my desk chair. Woo hoo. Let the OK times roll.

No, but seriously, I discovered e-bay last week. What I mean to say is, I've always known it was out there, I just never had the gumption to visit or dare to bid on something. That stuff is a little scary to me. You know, people scamming you, big brother is watching, etc etc. But just for kicks or boredom, I went. And it opened my eyes to a world of stuff. Lots of stuff! I was like Charlie when he first viewed the big Candyland room in the chocolate factory. "Come with me, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination..."

And, AAAAANNNNDD, get this, I bid on stuff and I got them! I got two new violins from music stores both in cases for less than 100 for both and that included shipping and handling. If they turn out to be genuine (I'm still a little iffy till this stuff actually comes) then I made out like a bandit.

The hope is that Emi and I will learn to play. And maybe, just maybe, I will someday get good. The guy in Dave Matthews Band who plays the strings was my inspiration. That guy can rock. I used to play "air violin" when I'd listen. Oh ok, so I still do that. And if I start Emily now, maybe she will get really good. That would be cool. Me the goofy, hippy mom, showing off my miniature violinist, child prodigy, kid playing sweet, beautiful music. Either that, or she'll just use it to whack things with.

Alright, I will end this entry on a few last words. There will be pictures of our trip to the pumpkin farm (hey, it was cool) and of the Halloween party that I, the rockin PTF mom was co-chair and craft coordinator of. I don't know if we are going to Vilseck, Germany tomorrow or not but if we do, Happy Halloween to all!

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