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Alana's Day Out
2003-10-13 - 11:10 p.m.

Today Glen had the day off so we decided to go out and about town for awhile since all of the kids would be in school. After this weekend, we really needed some time out. It was a gorgeous day today. The type of brisk Autumn day I relish so much. The sun was shining and the sky was clear blue but it was about 45 to 50 degrees out. Sweater weather. I loooooove sweater weather. We rode around with the windows rolled down. I inhaled deeply. We were playing James Taylors Greatest hits and thatwas a nice touch. So join me in this little picture journey of "HOW I SPENT MY MORNING" Ready? OK here we go.

This is the street we head down to take Emily to school. There is a park, Jugo Wolf Park, to the left.

This is the view from the top of the park before you head downhill into it.

After we dropped Emi off, we headed for the Millenium Mall. We were in search of a piece for the satellite dish. The Austrians are only just starting to get into the whole business of Halloween. I am so Happy that they did, but they like to hang stuff in trees alot.

After we got the part we needed and I fetched me a new curling iron, it was off to the local coffee place (Starbucks, it's everywhere you wanna be). At one side of the mall is an exit with a bridge. It leads down to the river.

After we left the mall I took a few shots of some buildings I liked.

This is the Refinary. They had some artist design it. It reminds me of Aladins Palace.

Next we went to the Embassy where we parked the truck so we could go for a walk. This is where Glen works.

These are the BAD BOYS that guard the place. The one with the BAD BOY gun is a Polizie

We walked a few blocks down from the Embassy where we happend upon a church and some statues. The church was built in the 1800s I believe but I will have to double check on that. It appears to have been in a fire but it is still awsome to look at.

On the walk back it was time for lunch so we stopped into a little fast food type place that was something like this. I had fried mushrooms and Glen had some yummy Chicken CordonBleu. Plus sodas it ran us 8 euro. They like the good stuff here. After we ate and walked back to the Embassy to get the truck, we still had some time to kill. We went to a pet store in search of kittens. I didn't find what I wanted yet but thats OK. Then we went to the Merkur to buy some fruits and vegetables. After that, it was time to pick Emily up and head home for a nap. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

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