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I Wish I had Some Reeses Cups
2003-09-30 - 2:36 p.m.

I really hate PMS. I am one of those people whose emotions are on a perpetual rollercoaster during this time. Yesterday, I went from crazy happy to wanting to shove fishsticks up someones behind. I hated everything. The way I set the stove burner on fire. Yup, I hated that. The way the fishsticks stuck to the pan. I hated that one too. The way everyone was LOOKING at me. That one really burned me up. I hated the way the house smelled like everything BUT PineSol. I hated the way the cat looked at me like he wanted some food so I gave him a little bowl of clam chowder. He looked at it, sniffed it, looked at me like I was out of my mind, then walked away. Stupid cat. I don't understand it. I hated those urges I had to laugh and cry and maybe throw something at the wall.

OK, so I did that. But it was only a balled up napkin. I hated the idea of cleaning up after myself if I should break anything.

And last might, in bed, when I tried to go to sleep, HE was doing it AGAIN! That breathing in and out and in and out. Ugh! Not to worry, I controlled all urges with the pillow I was holding over his..er, my head.

Today, the sun is shining. It is beautiful out. I feel so much better. I think.

OK, so this past weekend Kelly lost the second game to the Frankfurt team. The final score was 3-2. It was a good game and a tough game to watch. I was on the edge of my seat screaming until I lost my voice. Yea, I am one of those kinds of moms. Kelly was a little disappointed, but like I told her "You have to take the losses with the wins and keep on playing." She shows good sportsmanship. Friday she travels to Budapest for another tournament there. I am hoping to go but it isn't looking that way. I will just cheer from here.

Also, she is over Alex and her new secret crush is a boy named Wolfgang. Wally, for short. She says he doesn't know she exist.

Reminds me of when I ws in 7th grade and I had this secret crush on a 9th grader named Joey Smith. He was a surfer, with long strawberry blond hair, a face full of freckles and ice blue eyes that I could see even from my safe little distance. I watched him everyday for a year. I knew his whole wardrobe by heart. All his OP shirts, his Ozzy Ozbourne "Bark at The Moon T-shirt, his Levis, and his checkered Vans. I imagined him staring into my eyes with his. After the year ended he went off to High School. He never knew I existed.

OK, so anyway, two of the girls from Frankfurt stayed with us overnight. They were sweet girls who actually thought I was cool. I made them homemade apple cinnamon pancakes. I liked the idea of all the girls making friends BEFORE the game.

Dylan played baseball on Saturday and his team won 14 to 2 I think. Something like that. I didn't get to go to that one though. He didn't hit the ball during the game this time though. I won't miss his next game so I can help him out. He was still happy that his team won. Another good sport.

After the game, Dylan and his Dad went on a hiking, overnight camping trip. It was with the Scouts since Dylan is a weebaloe. sp? A chance to do some father/son bonding. Guy stuff, ya know. The next day, they both came back filthy and tired but apparantly they had a good time. What is it with boys and mud?

Even the adult men with their fire. Like cavemen. "Ugh, me makeum good fire. Spear dinosour. Fire hot. Me pokeum with stick."

But they had fun, and for that, I was glad.

Saturday night the girls and I watched Bring it On and ate mounds of ice cream. Then we did a little princess skit. Girlie stuff. Then we went to bed.

Oh yea, and whenever I start to feel down and out you know what thought always picks me up? A movie star on the toilet. I mean, how good can they look on the throne with their pants at their legs? That reminds me that we cant be perfect all the time. And everybody poops. Or something like that.


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