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2003-09-02 - 10:09 a.m.

Oklahoma…When the wind comes sweeping down the plains, and the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet when the win comes right behind the raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnn! Oh, alright, I’ll stop. But you know what that means this lil entry is about? Yup, I have finally downloaded pics of my kids family in Oklahoma for your viewing pleasure. These are the photos that I took while I was there this summer. This first one is a picture of my nephews, Josh and Matt. They are all grown up now.


I remember when they were just little rugrats, peeking at me from behind a curtain and giggling their heads off. They are good boys. Matt (the blonde) is the quiet one. Still rivers run deep. Josh is a bit more outgoing and vivacious. He has the potential to go far. This next one is of the girls. They are all first cousins.

Kelly is holding Liberty, Holly is holding Cheslyn, and Jada is to the right. Jada is Josh and Matts little sister. Next we have my BILs family. Ok so technically he is not my BIL anymore but they will always be family to me.

This is Lonnie and his wife, Amanda, their son, Trey, and daughters, Liberty and Cheslyn. Liberty was born on the 4th of July. How cool is that??

This is a shot of Kelly and Dylan with their Grandma and PaPa Hesbrook. Next is Dylan with his uncle Warner Jr. (Boug)

Boug was my little brother. We used to wrestle and horse around a lot when we were kids. And he was always doing things for me. When I see him now he’s all grown. But I still feel like I want to just wrestle or build a snow fort. This next picture is the kids with their dad, Robert, and their half brother Blayze.

It’s not easy being around him. The rest of the family makes me feel like I never left. With him, we are on a constant merry-go-round.”Always up, always down, spinning round and round and round…..” Some of you know the rest. And last, are Kelly and her Dad.

I have more pictures but I will share them in another entry. Just me and some deer and what-not. Woo hoo. Kidding. .

I am only sorry that I didn’t see their great aunt Eliska “Mitzi” while we were there. She passed away last week. I have known her since I was 16 years old. She was always generous and hospitable to me. I’m just sorry that her children didn’t do much to help her out or make her life better in her last days. She now joins her mother, Eliska, and her father, Albert I think, her brothers, Walt, and Stacy her sister-in-law, Lupe and her nephew William. May she rest in peace

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