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In the Air Again....
2003-07-28 - 1:58 p.m.

This will be my last entry for the next two weeks. However, I don't think anyone will notice because nobody seems to be reading my diary lately anyways. I guess I hit geekville somewhere in the last couple of entries. Sigh.

Anyway, tomorrow I am taking the two older ones to see their Dad in Oklahoma. This is going to be one heck of a flight. It'll take us about 18 hours to get there and that 's flying. Well thank goodness for airline movies. Of course, on the way here we got to see Serving Sarah for 9 hours straight. That movie was just a tad on the lame side. I hope I have something better tommorrow. If not, well I have a stockpile of Enquirer and People I snagged from a bin at Glens work. At least I will be mildly entertained. I'm paranoid of falling asleep though because I'm told I snore like a wounded animal. Like I should care what 300 people in a big, metal, tubeshaped, thingy ,zooming through the air with no place to go but down, think.

Then there is the drive into the ever amusing town of Duncan. Where the men are rugged and the sheep are scared. No, just kidding. Ba-a-a-a-a-ad joke. But it is a small town full of gossipy rednecks and preppy idiots and nothing to do. At least I will be in the Holiday Inn. sweeeeet. You realize this is my attempt to be funny again. Ah well. What can I say? I have to go see the ex. I'm not thrilled to due to this knife stuck in my back but que sara. sp?

At least I will get to see Pirates Of The Carribean. Have to wait forever to see new movies here. And I will get to shop and eat Taco Bell (happy sigh) and see my sisters for a few days too. So that is on the plus side. But it is like 100 degrees out there this time of year. I'll be indoors ALOT.

The only really sad thing is leaving Glen and Emi behind for two weeks. I have never been away from Emi that long. I have made a list for Glen but man I will miss them both so much. Glen has been moping around for two days and Emi has takien to wetting her pants. I know she is only three and just acting out but I feel so bad. I wish they could have come to but finacially, we just couldn't afford it. Even though I want sometime for myself, I give myself 8 hours till I am miserably lonely and wanting to go home. Wish me luck. Somebody? Anybody. See you in 2 weeks.

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