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I'm too hot for this
2003-07-21 - 3:45 p.m.

It is so freakin' hot today. The kids are all outside playing on a Slip-N-Slide. I'd do it to but it would be more like Flop-N-Scoot. Man, if I was 8 just for today, I could be out there running with wild abandon. I could wear a bikini and not think for one minute wether or not everyone was looking at my excess body fat. It wouldn't matter if I hadn't shaved my legs or armpits.

But alas, I am 31. And I am already the biggest mamma in the 'hood. Mainly because all the other mammas here are a whopping size 3. I don't think they eat.

I will just sit here. Inside. Hiding. I have a squirt bottle for the occassional spritz to my face. And I have the fan on high ,so I'll live.

I had to take Dylan to the dentist today. Last week I got lectured by the dentist for not brushing Dylans teeth FOR him. Um. He's 9. Also, apparantly the dentist must be a dietician on the side because he told Dylan to lay off breads and to let me know that too if I wanted to lose weight. Lovely. And to think I have to go back 2 more times with Dylan before they are done. Whee. I'd almost go somewhere else but he is one of the only few dentists here that speaks English. Sigh.

Next week The kids and I are off to the states. Oklahoma. Duncan. Let the OK times roll. I'm talkin major fun. No, not really but at least I will have some Taco Bell. I miss Taco Bell. The kids will have fun too I am sure. It's just going to be one loooong trip to get there. 4 different plane changes to get there. Then a 2 hour drive. Whee.

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