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2003-07-02 - 8:32 p.m.

I am back from my little weekend getaway to Germany. I am still tired mostly from the drive and the bed in the hotel was not meant for 2 people unless of course, they are midgets. I'm sorry, little people.

But anyway, as for the trip we planned to go to the Army base in Vilsek so we could shop at the PX. It took about 5 hours to get there but that was because we were following A and she is like hell on wheels. I swear she was doing 95 in her mini van the whole way. Our speedometer only marks up to 85. Glen clutched the steering wheel the whole way. The autobahn is like the freeway only there are only 2 lanes and you are supposed to stay in the right and only use the left to pass. We had walkie talkies, which btw, are very handy to have when you are following people. I was Rubber Ducky and we were a' convoyin'. I think I just made that word up.

Somehow I expected to see something. I don't know what exactly just something that really signified we were traveling in Europe. You know what I saw? Corn. Rows and rows of corn. Talk about a bummer. I pictured running through it. "He wants you too, Maliki. He wants you too." I saw a bridge. A weird triangle shaped bridge. My camera was too slow to get a shot as we zoomed along trying to keep up with speedracer. I saw more corn. Oh, a couple of rows of sunflowers. ooooh, aaaaaah.....corn. Look Toto, we're back in freakin Kansas. Or Nebraska, or whichever one is the corn state. I don't know.

We got to the army base around 3, unloaded our stuff and went shopping. Oh the joy of spending american dollars on american food. I loved the aisles and aisles of pure, artifical flavors, colors, perservatives, calories and just good ol American junkfood. I bought hamburgerhelper. Yea baby. I got all my favorite name brands and for cheeeeeaaaappppp. I ate Popeyes fried chicken. It's the Schiznick. I was on a high, I'm tellin you. I had stuff I hadn't seen in almost 5 months. And I am a consumer. I love commercials. Does that make me a commercialist? Ok starting to roam off course.

At 7 we went to the theater on base. We saw Bruce Almighty. It was funny, I thought. I was so happy to be in a theater that I didn't mind that it was so humid. Or that there was no A/C,just a large noisy fan in the back.I ate nachos. I love nachos, oh I do. Almost as much as I love my husband. tee hee. I even love theater nachos with the little plastic cups of fake cheese they microwave just for you. It was heaven and what better movie then one about the Great Divine One, eh? Then we walked back to our rooms with the kids. We made jokes about the signs and stuff on the way. It's so easy to make the kids laugh.

Back at the hotel we had a TV with actual TV channels of American shows! But then my kids wanted to watch a video they borrowed that was really lame. lame. lame. Then we turned out the lights and continued to make jokes that had the kids laughing for an extra half an hour. Kids are goofy. They'll laugh at anything. You can just say the word poop and kids will bust up.

The next day, we did some more shopping for some movies and games and my favorite namebrands of shampoo and soap. My hair has been a mess with the stuff they have here. We ate at Burger King for breakfast. We slept in the afternoon with Emi while the other 2 played with A's kids. Then we went to a Tex-Mex restaraunt and there were games and slot machines there I played with. I miss seeing the fruit spin. When we finished there we headed out to a lake and just enjoyed the view and skipped rocks. about and hour into it the clouds rolled in and lightning flashed. We went to our cars just in time. The very minute we climbed in the storm hit and it was pouring. Back at the hotel we watched another movie then called it a night.

The next day we did all the last minute stuff then ate at BK again. Then we were on the road. It was pouring rain. On the one hand it slowed Speedy Gonzalas down but on the other hand it was pouring rain. It obstructed my view of the corn. The windshield wipers began to hypnotize me as they moved in a rythimic sort of way, keeping time to the music I was playing. Paul Simon. The One Trick Pony cd my mom got me for Christmas. I got the album for Christmas when I was 8 and played it into the ground. I will expand on that another time. Once back in Austria I saw 2 castles. They weren't more than 10 miles apart though. I thought that was oddly close. I imagined the castles being stormed some far away time ago. 20 minutes from home and we had to pull over so I could puke. 7 hours in the car watching the wipers and eating goober pb&j made me mighty car sick. Then we were home. Amen. I got to sleep in a big bed. I got to make a strawberry and yogurt snack with granola on the top and eat in bed while reading Family Circle compliments of Vilsek bookstore. Ah. Magazines in English.

Well, that somes up my trip. I have a few pictures to share but they are boring I am sure. I still have to download them so in a day or two. I need to explore more of Vienna though. I have tasted quite a bit of the culture and it is very nice but there is so much more. And people, leave me a note. I need a little daily affirmation. I have a magic smiley ball but I need more. Love me? Please?

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