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Ants in my....yard
2003-06-18 - 5:02 p.m.

I am sorry I have been very lazy. Shame on me. And I can't write much now. I am expecting one of the Embassy guys to come over any minute to check out our ant problem. Which I might add are not your run of the mill little ants. They are like big black army ants. The Austrian workers here are very prompt. It's 3 minutes after and they aren't here? Very weird. I had planned to go swimming today at the Embassy pool but the weather we've been having seemed to have something else in mind today. It has been cold and gray and raining. I don't mind but darn it I wanted to go swimming. Well, Emi has a cold anyway so I really couldn't go. I will have to write about the BBQ with the marines at the pool last week and the guy that looked like Vin Deisal (sp?) tattoos and all. And I have really great neighbors, I just gotta say. If anyone wants to hear about my latest, let me know and I'll tell ya. For now, gotta go. I think the ant man is here. Oh joy of joys.

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