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I...Wanna Rock and Roll All Niiiiiggght
2003-05-29 - 7:13 p.m.

Last night I had a blast! I mean it, a blast! I got to enjoy one of my favorite past-times. I went to a rock concert. I am a concert-aholic. I have been to concerts in every category over the years and I have an extensive collection of ticket stubs. Aerosmith, AC/DC, Anthrax, Alice in Chains, Barry Manilow, Boston, Bob Dylan, Butthole Surfers, Candlebox, Dave Matthews,Def Leppard, Eve6,Faith Hill, George Strait, GooGoo Dolls,Billy Joel, JackleNirvana, Pearl Jam, Paul Simon, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Suicidal Tendencies, Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, and The Wallflowers, Just to name a few and several I have seen a few times.

I have gone backstage with Third Eye Blind and had a few beers with Eve6 in my younger days. I have also met the members of Jackyl and Julian Lennon. No, I'm not a groupie nor have I done anything outrages. I just love music and there is nothing in the world like hearing these bands play live. I get sucked into the music and then lose myself. For those few hours I am wild and free. The music pounding and vibrating and echoing is in my veins and I am so alive.

I was afraid that moving to Austria would mark the end of my biggest love. THankfully, the first day I arrived here I saw a poster pasted on a wall boasting that Bon Jovi was coming to town. 16 years ago (ugh) I had a giant poster of Jon over my bed that I ooohhed and aaaahhd and drooled over. I wasn't allowed to go to concerts then so all I could do is listen to my tapes. "Oooooohhh she's a little runaway...." Well anyway, I saw the poster and turned to Glen. " I Gotta go!!!" so being the good hubby he is he purchased a couple of tickets as one of my Mothers Day gifts. I wondered if going to a concert like that in Europe would be different as everybody here speaks German and well, maybe they do things differently. I guess in a sense they do.

I have been to so many concerts and NEVER before have I seen so much livliness, enthusiasm, gosh I don't know how to put it and I am grasping for words to describe it. Well if you've ever been to a concert in the states the the people with there arms up yelling are in patches here and there and it's not uncommon to sit through half of it if your in seats, no? Well here, there had to be at least 25,000 people filling the huge outdoor stadium. At every song, literally every hand was up clapping in unision. I kid you not. It looked like a swarm of arms, hands in perfect unision. I have never seen it like that before. And you know what? Music is a universal language. Who spoke what? Where? How? It didn't matter because everyone was in a musical trance. I was filled with such a charge. I even managed to go from our nosebleed seats down to the general admission by the stage, Glen in tow.

I had to go through about 4 security guards doing my little shpeel. The final door to get through turned out to be a girl security guard that let us through. I slipped her a 10 for her kindness and she even offered it back! funny. At one point I decided to go through the sea of people to see how close to the stage I could get. Glen bid me good luck but chose to remain by the beer stand. I got up to about 15 feet from the stage. But then ol' Jon started belting out I'll be there for you and I felt a tinge of guilt for leaving Glen behind. So I turned around and went back.

The food stand didn't sell what Im used to, you know like Pizza or Nachos. They sold footlong brautwurst in a roll that they spear a hole in and add mustard then stuff the brautwurst in. I burnt my tongue on it. It was different but good. I figure if I just wanted the same things I could've stayed in the states. I want to see how the rest of the world lives. In alot of ways it's not a whole lot different. But it was a great night.

Jon did 3 encores. We left when he was doing oldies stuff. Shout and Twist and Shout I think. I was so soaked in sweat my hair looked crazy and my mascara was smearing. But I was feeling mighty exuberent? Estatic? I'm not one for using a very extensive vocabulary. It's much easier to just say I was feeling mighty happy for awhile.

We took a cab home. It was a luxury Mercedes Benz with leather seats. Thats what they use for taxis here. Trey cool, no? So yea, it was a great night. I am looking forward to the next concert that comes my way.

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