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2003-05-25 - 9:12 a.m.

OK today is my day to get a few things off my chest that ticked me off the other day. And what better place to do it than my very own journal eh? My ex and I have been split up for pretty much over 8 years. We have pretty much gotten along over the years and remained friends. It really helps for the sake of the children to be as friendly as we can. Also, we were childhood sweethearts and first loves so we do still care about one another. Glen has always been a real support to me concerning the friendly relationship my ex and I maintain for the kids. I rally admire that about Glen and it shows real maturity on his part. However, my ex's girlfriend is another story. She annoys me to no end. I try to be cordial but it's very difficult when it comes to her. The majority of the time she never speaks to me. Only yells out things for me to hear while I am on the phone with my ex. I have tried to work things out with the ex regarding child support. There have been times when he is not in much of a position to do much as the economy where he lives is not so good. I take that into account and let it slide even if it is his legal and moral obligation, because I am aware that I am in a better financial postion than he is. Still, you can't just never do anything. Whenever she isn't with him he always manages to send money and do what he says he'll do. But when they get back together things change. She doesn't seem to want him to pay any money for the kids. She knew he had 2 kids before she ever came along so this was no big suprise. She wants me to sign papers to keep him from having to pay any current or future support as well as admonish all back pay. He is due for a settlement of which I am entitled to at least 1/4 toward back pay. She doesn't want that to happen. I think if it were just him, he wouldn't mind. I have not recieved any kind of support for over 6 months now and have not complained. I am bringing the children to visit him for 2 weeks this summer. This trip will run me nearly 2,500 at least since I am coming from Europe and have to pay for a hotel for that time and a car rental. Plus I have to pay for child care for my other daughter here. And I will have to pay for gas and food during the 2 weeks which hikes this trip up to close to 3,000. I asked him to pay 500 and thats it. He agreed no problem. I am even allowing leeway of a couple of months for him. I am willing to agree to lower the payments in the future down as low as 200 a month (which is very cheap) and once he gets his settlement and I recieve my part to sign off the rest of the back pay which would save him literally thousands of dollars. I need the sum from the settlement for a down payment on an orthodontist for my kids who both are in horrific need of braces. My dental coverage here doesnt cover that so I must pay in cash. By law he is supposed to pay for half of all medical and dental expenses. I have never asked him for a dime of any of that. But now I need some help. I have no choice. I believe she has a real problem with this. The other day she was yelling in the background about how they didnt have any money and if I wanted them to send money I should sign papers excusing him of doing this. I mean come on. A few years back he got a a large settlement and was able to buy him and her a house where they live AND re-do the whole kitchen. I got 200 dollars sent and that was it. The kids were promised alot of things that never happened. I was fuming but I let it go. I dont own a house nor am I able to buy one plus I have huge debt just like anyone else. My kids need braces. My son is in Baseball (which I paid for) My daughter wants Violin lessons, and a violin. She wants to join several sports as well. The kids go to a private school that is paid for but we still have to pay lunches. It's 500 every 3 months for the 2 of them. I pay for all of this and haven't asked the ex for a dime. So naturally I am pissed that she wants him to duck out of paying for anything else. I think she doesnt realize I know about the impending settlement. Long story I know, but hell I am just so pissed that she has the NERVE to tell me what I need to do to help them... The first few years I had the kids after the split I had to struggle by myself. It was VERY hard. I did it though. She has tried to tell me what I should be doing with the kids regarding visits, money etcetera. Frankly, it's none of her damn business if you ask me. She has never done anything for my kids. Doesn't help support them and doesnt even let her daughter see her bio dad. and she's going to tell me what I need to do? I don't think so. And she can't even tell me personally. Just yells in the background. She is extremely immature in my opinion and unrealistic. I don't care much for her and never have but I'm cordial because of my kids. When he came out for a court date in Cali in Dec. she had to come too and she came into my parents and my home and plopped herself down. We were all kind and hospitable despite the fact that the mere sound of her twang when she speaks makes my head ache. I am supposed to take the kids there and then stay hidden away so as not to upset her. See why all this is just a mess. My ex on his own, is a good guy. but with her? fahgetaboutit. If she chooses to debate me while I'm out there I can sure give her a run for her money. Personally, I don't think her mentality is up for it. Que sara. Also, it is in my opinion that her biggest problem with me stems from jealousy. I have something with him she can never have, nor take away. Sorry but I am just so annoyed by it.I am so glad that I have the support I have from my family elst I'd go crazy.

In other news, Dylans team lost yesterday to another militant Austrian team. However, Dylan did hit the ball and he did make it to 2nd. He was the first one on his team to manage to hit the ball and make it to base. That's my boy.

Well I need to do some more spring cleaning today. It's already getting very warm so, today will be a hot one. ugh. It'll be a 3 day weekend though. yay. Oh and if anyone wants to leave me some support in the comments it'll save me money on a therapy session. :)

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