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2003-05-21 - 1:19 p.m.

It was hard for me to wake up this morning. It's like that for me whenever it rains, and it did all night last night. Soothing, rythimic sounds of the rain kept me deep in dreamland till the whimper of Zoe jostled me out of it at 5 this morning. I should've gotten up. But for the heavy fog still in my head and the extra 50 pounds of weight in my legs,I would've. I didn't. I feel bad. Glen had to get up, black and blue foot and all, get dressed and take her up the hill to pee. At 5 in the morning. In the rain. Then comeback and shower and leave for work while I just lay there like one of the slugs I've seen in the forest. The ones that are brown and shiny and look like little doggy turds. That was me. When I finally did roll out of bed I went in the bathroom and clicked on the light. I know better then to look in the mirror at this time but I did anyway. I think I sleep on my face, because whenever I wake up it's all scrunched up and distorted. I look like I've taken too many whacks with the ugly stick. Bleh. Took me all morning to get my rear in gear. Then Zoe had to go again and Emi was taking her time getting dressed. Zoe payed her back by peeing on her carpet.

I went on my first outing in the truck this afternoon. All by myself (well, Emi too) to the grocery store. Its the first time I've driven that far here on my own. I feel empowered. Why? Cuz normally I DO NOT DRIVE. I take medicine for anxiety. I have Tourrettes Syndrome and have tics and seizures. I have been rearended twice that has made my back a mess. Besides I have tunnel vision and night blindness and NO sense of direction. I used to hate going on the freeways in California. Driving 65-70 miles an hour with my sweaty palms clutching the wheel and my eyes bugging out when I had to change lanes. And going from one freeway to another was alot for me. If I had to do anything like that, someone else would drive. With all of this driving is something I try to avoid. But I couldn't today.

Kelly has a project due tomorrow and she has to make cookies. We needed eggs thus I had to make the trip so as not to let her down. "I'm sorry Kelly, I am too much of a mental case to manage to go and purchase eggs today. You'll just have to get an F" wouldn't have gone over very well with her. I didn't want to let her down so....well all I have to say is I got the eggs and I am here now, alive...to tell about it. Yay me.If I keep this up the world will be my oyster.

In other news, I have now completed my 4th book since coming to Vienna and have begun the 5th. They're pretty much all morbid, true crime books but I am entertained. That's not really newsworthy is it?.....I went to ringtones.com to find something to download for my little handy (thats cell phone to you in the US) I still can't find Play that Funky Music. Which reminds me of when we went to purchase the handy some weeks ago. I have never had a cell phone before nor have needed one. Until now. Glen asked what I wanted. Me? Of course I said "Somethin cool that rings Play That Funky Music. That way when I'm in public and it rings people will stare and think 'wow, that's one groovy chick' oh and I want it to be in a pretty shiney color" grin. Glen said "that's it?" "yup, that's what I want" so we went to the store and I am not one for talking to strangers so I insisted Glen talk to the service people there. When they asked what he was looking for he replied,"uh...do you have anything that plays rock n roll?" and with that the sales clerk busted out laughing. Not a lil smile or a chuckle but an out and out bellow causing everyone in the store to look our way. She called over another sales person and spoke to him in German. He took one look at us and laughed to. Then he asked me "what kind of songs?" in a heavily accented voice. People are looking at me.I feel my face gettin red. "Tell them honey" Glen urged. "play that funky music..." "What was that again?" Why must I be tortured??? "Play that FUNKY MUSIC" then several people were laughing. BY this time I was crimson and maybe 4 inches tall, tops. I got my phone and got out of there. I didn't even pick a shiney one. So much for bein groovy. I found out later that you have to download the ringtones from the computer. So anyway, there's that story.

Life is so different here. But I do like it. I like the people and the scenery and the architecture. The history is all around here too. I know when our 2 years is up I am going to hate to leave. I even know a guy named Geunter.

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