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2003-05-16 - 9:21 p.m.

Today was rather noneventful, I guess, as opposed to me running through the house with my head on fire. I took Zoe to run in the fields while Emi and I picked wildflowers. Emi said they for when Daddy and I get married. I told her we are already married but she was picking all those pretty flowers so dang it we were going to use them to get married. Silly kid. I brought some to my new friend and neighbor, Charlotte. I made my famous homemade stew today that my family used to devour. Since they aren't here I decided to bring dinner to a coup[le of my neighbors. Share the love, I say. Zoe had to go the the vet to get a tick head pulled out of her head and they are testing her to see if she caught that freaky tick disease they have here. I didn't get her 2nd immunity shot in time and now they won't give it to her. Yikes. It's my baby brothers birthday today. I couldn't get ahold of him by phone. He's 29 today. yup, slidin into the dirty thirties. Ha. Happy Birthday Tyler, wherever you are.:) Well, that was my big day. I'm on new meds temporarily so I can't remember what I walk into a room for lately let alone any deep or whimsical thoughts. Maybe next week. My son has a baseball game tomorrow. In all the games he's played he has only hit the ball twice. The one time I was there, he hit it and made it around all the bases.Even earned a run. I cheered so loudly and when he came up to me afterwards he said, "Didja see that mom? I hit it just for you." I smiled and said "Good job Dylan." and as he walked away I had one of those moments that I was so full of pride I cried. I watched my dirty, sweaty little boy trot off and I was glad he was mine. That day was the only game he ever got a run. His team lost but on the drive home he was beaming. He said to him he felt like he won. It was a good day. It's his first year ever playing a sport. Cross your fingers that tomorrow he'll hit that ball again. Time for me to read stories to M&M, so, g'night.

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