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2003-05-15 - 11:19 p.m.

I'm feelin a tad fuzzy. All that Austrian wine. I won't even try to be witty cuz gosh darn it, I'm all out of witicisms at the moment. We went out this evening to a farewell party for G's boss. 1 bus, 2 trolleys, and 5 blocks in the rain later, we got there. Everybody there, had already been hitting the wines for about an hour. Damn. Late again. Still we had our share, well I did. And the Austrian cuisine here is excellent if I haven't said so before. Thank Bob we got a ride home though cuz I don't think Glimps foot would've held out walking up Satans Hill (as I like to call it)on the way home. He's being a trooper though. I got another name for him too. Since his foot is several lovely shades of black, purple, blue, green, and yellow and it's swollen I dubbed him Frankenfoot. I'm supposed to kiss it better since he gave me the last of the fried mushrooms at the dinner which is why I'm up here waiting for him to fall asleep. kidding hun. :)

In other news, I finally got ahold of my ex (maybe just one) today after about a 2 week hiatus. His brother is in the hospital again and even though him an I are not together, his brother is my brother. Not much I can do from here but pray as always. Anyway, I'm taking the kids to visit him for 2 weeks this summer. I get to stay in a hotel and read and watch cable. Kidless. 2 whole weeks. Do you realize what this means? I"M SLEEPIN IN!!!! whooooo. and I'm gonna watch R rated movies on the HBO. I'm gonna read my books and suck down margaritas before 8 pm. I meant soak in all the peace and quiet. I'll get to see me ex-in-laws, however, I don't like to put it that way as I still regard them as my family. Problem is ex's current um..mate doesn't really, how do I put this, appreciate me for who I am therefore my presence decreases her comfort level. tsk. loooooong story, not to be discussed at present. Still, I am sure all will be well. I just wish they lived somewhere cool like Florida. Not much to do in Oklahoma. ok now I'm just babbling and I really must medicate myself and brush my teeth. All that wine makes me feel like a cat pooed im my mouth. G'night

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